Hot Takes on Online vs. In-Person Learning

Podcast created by: Hanbi Lee, Shaowda Salehin, Reya Siby 

Most people, regardless of their occupation or walk of life, can probably relate to the sentiment that the pandemic has been a time of uncertainty, fear, and need for adaptation. One of the biggest adjustments we had to make as students was to continue on our academic endeavors with whatever resources and means that were made available to us. In reality, that took the form of online classes and virtual learning environments. We had to rely heavily on Zoom meetings, OWL updates, and constant, clear communication with our professors and peers to make it through this year. And although there were moments where it felt like the stress was never going to end, the year did fly by and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. As we submit our final assignments and projects and prepare ourselves for the final exam season, the Hot Takes team decided to virtually sit down together and reflect on our individual school experiences. Some of us really struggled with the asynchronous nature of our classes, while some of us preferred it. We found that we related to each other a lot in our struggles, such as finding it difficult to schedule out a structured week and more than that, actually sticking to the schedule.

Tune in to our conversation to hear more in-depth about how we were impacted mentally, emotionally, physically by the changed nature of our classes, how we overcame certain challenges, the things we liked or disliked about the online learning experience and our budding plans for the future!

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