Hot Takes: Black History Month Special

Podcast created by: Hanbi Lee, Shaowda Salehin, Hiba Elsadati, Reya Siby 

In honour of Black History Month, we decided to record special episodes that discuss some Black figures and their stories from history, and media like books, TV shows, and movies made by Black creators, or that showcases Black stories and figures. We discuss the lives and legacies of figures like Viola Davis and Matthew Henson and share our thoughts on shows like Dear White People and the acclaimed novel, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.

We encourage you to educate yourselves by engaging with Black creators and content that shares the lives and experiences of the Black Community. For a list of ways you can learn more, check out the "How can I learn more?" tab on this website. 

To listen to our Black History Month episodes, you can listen below or check us out on Anchor

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