HALO Fonds Online Exibition
HALO Cover


This is an online exhibit of items selected from the HALO Fonds. The UWO HA (Homophile Association) was established in October of 1970 at the University of Western Ontario as a student organization within a year of the events at Stonewall, New York. At the same time, similar groups were organizing at the universities of Toronto and Waterloo, among others.

After a decade of organizing across North America, the gay and lesbian press had become well established, and the gay and lesbian community was becoming aware of the importance of its history. Richard Hudler, gay activist and HALO president for a number of years, began collecting documents in 1980 or 1981 with the intention of preserving the gay and lesbian community history in London Ontario.


Created by students of MLIS for their final project in LIS 695.
Ping Huang, Tarina Saysana, Shuzhen Zhao and Yuanhang Wu

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