· The Reason for Creation
· The First Meeting
· Special Occasion Permit
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  The Reason for Creation
Within a year of the events at Stonewall, New York, UWO HA (Homophile Association) was established in October 1971 at the University of Western Ontario as a student organization. It was initially intended to act as an on-campus social group for gay and lesbian students. The first document lists the purposes of UWO HA. The second article examines the issues of Gay Liberation. The documents illustrate the reasons why there was a need to create HALO.


  The First Meeting
The document on the left is one of the earlier minutes of a UWO HA meeting. It documents the goals and objectives of the meeting on February 2, 1971. The document on the right is a private journal which discusses a group meeting about the formation of UWO HA. The goal of the meeting was to join the growing chorus of voices supporting Gay Liberation that had started with the Stonewall riots in New York.



  Special Occasion Permit


The initial intent of UWO HA was to provide a social group for the gay and lesbian students at Western University. When UWO HA moved off-campus to Colborne Street, it operated as a social bar. The two documents are the Special Occasion Permit and Liquor License that allowed their operation to serve alcohol.


The correspondence on the right, dated December 1997, introduced the new President of the Canadian Lesbian and Gays Archives, as well as expressed appreciation to the members for their support. It also announced the upcoming 25th Anniversary of the Archives in 1998.


In 2000, HALO sells the building on Colborne Street, and reorganizes its administrative structure. HALO is currently closed, and is in the process of regrouping. The article highlights the lack of funding that contributed to the closing.



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