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  Lease Act
Original lease to the HALO building.


The Lease of 1974 between Garry Shomair and Helen Shomair of the city of London and HALO for the Colborne building.
  An Invitation


In 1987, the Vern Hern Bequest allowed HALO to buy the Colborne building. At the right is the invitation for April 10, 1987 to join the celebration of the closing deal to purchase the building, which HALO had occupied since 1974.
  Please/Thank You


In the earlier years, HA activities were held at one of the buildings of UWO or at an individual's home. The organization moved to Colborne Street in 1974. Following extensive renovations, the organization opened its doors on July 16th of 1975 under the incorporated name of HALO. The two documents are earlier illustration of the building on 649 Colborne Street. They illustrate the necessity of covering the window on the main floor as a precaution against those who were against HALO.
  HALO Building
On the left, a collage of the HALO building by Richard Hudler made from magazine paper.
On the right, a recent photograph of the HALO building on 649 Colborne Street, dated April 8, 2002. In 2000 HALO sells the building on Colborne, and reorganizes its administrative structure. HALO is currently closed, and is in the process of regrouping.

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