Intercultural Communciation



ICC 2200G: Not 'Lost in Translation': Practice and Theory of Intercultural Communication
In our increasingly diversified and globalized world, we often need to collaborate to solve complex problems. Experiences in this course help you consider how you can use the theory and practices of Intercultural Communications to prepare you to be the best global citizen you can be. Reflect on a variety of personal and digital intercultural experiences, so that you do not get “Lost in Translation” between cultures!

Winter 2019 ICC 2200G Instructor: A. Borchert Syllabus

ICC 2500F: Bridging Classroom and Community: Languages and Culture in Action (cross listed with German/Spanish/Italian/CLC 2500F)
Would you like to acquire lifelong competences that will allow you to build (self)-cultural awareness and interact meaningfully with other cultures in today's globalized world? Then Bridging Classroom and Community is your course! We will explore issues of identity, memory, immigration, prejudice, stereotype, and intercultural dialogue, while building a connection with our own London community, and its wealth of languages and cultures via collaborative projects between students and members of this community.

Fall 2018 ICC 2500F Instructor: A. Borchert Syllabus


ICC 3300F/G: Making a Difference: Portfolio in Intercultural Communication
What do you need to be interculturally effective? Using local expereinces, gain global competencies by developing a comparative perspective on expectations, myths, roles, norms, rituals, and language. Figure out how to make a difference by applying your skills. Offered in both Fall 2018 and Winter 2019. Must email both and for enrolment request.

Fall 2018 & Winter 2019 ICC 3300F/G Instructor: A. Borchert Syllabus

ICC 3800F/G: Working with a Mentor: Internship in Intercultural Communication
The Academic Internship is an unpaid, credit internship with a minimum of 60 hours. The internship will require students to make connections with academic study while undertaking supervised duties in organizations, businesses, or community groups with interests related to Intercultural Communication. Offered in both Fall 2018 and Winter 2019. Must email both and for enrolment request.

Fall 2018 & Winter 2019 ICC 3800F/G Instructor: A. Borchert Syllabus


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