German 1030: German for Beginners
Practice speaking, understanding, reading and writing German in a dynamic class setting. Develop your communicative skills while learning interesting and useful things about the German-speaking countries. Consider taking part in one of our many study-abroad or exchange opportunities.

Fall/Winter German 1030 Instructor: 
Section 001: V. Tumanov
Section 002: A. Mioc
Section 003: D. Darby
Section 004: V. Tumanov

German 2200: Intermediate German
Improve your speaking, reading and writing skills in a small class setting. Find out more about the culture of the German-speaking countries through authentic readings, short films, songs, interviews and biographies, while building your vocabulary and reviewing all major areas of German grammar.

Fall/Winter German 2200 Instructor: A. Lausch Syllabus

German 2220B: German Conversation
Practice speaking German through guided conversations, discussions, role plays, and games. Learn how to ask for and give advice, complain about something, ask someone a favour,  explain things, respond to invitations, make small talk etc. .  Improve your fluency while also learning about some current issues and cultural peculiarities of the German-speaking countries.

Winter 2019 German 2220B Instructor: A. Lausch Syllabus

German 2260F: International Children's Literature (cross listed with CLC 2104A)

This is an international survey of the children's novel as a genre from the 19th century on.   3 German and 3 non-German novels constitute our reading list. The course will cover literature meant for younger & older audiences, considering such themes as child-parent relationships, growing up, the power of the imagination, identity formation, freedom etc. Connections to concepts from social science, history, religion, mythology and other disciplines will enrich the discussion.

Lectures in English (all works available in English translation).
Tutorials in German (excerpts from 3 German novels will be read).

Fall 2018 German 2260F Instructor: V. Tumanov Syllabus

German 2500F: Bridging Classroom and Community: Languages and Culture in Action (cross listed with ICC/Spanish/Italian/CLC 2500F)
How can we bridge classroom and community to better understand languages and cultures in London, Ontario? This course develops intercultural competence through an examination of individual experiences of learning and maintaining language and cultural heritage in our community. We will connect interactive in-class activities about identity and memory, understandings and misunderstandings, and ideals of civil society with community-engaged-learning projects.

Fall 2018 German 2500F Instructor: A. Borchert Syllabus

German 3305: Advanced German
Take your German to the next level while exploring topics such as travel, politics, history, film, music, fine art, literature, technology and the environment. Learn to speak and write more fluently, express yourself more idiomatically, and master the more challenging points of German grammar.

Fall/Winter German 3305 Instructor: A. Lausch Syllabus

German 3360G: From Berlin to Hollywood: German Exile Cinema (cross listed with CLC 3391G/Film Studies 3397G)
This course focuses on German directors and actors who emigrated to the U.S. before and after the Nazi seizure of power, including Fritz Lang, Marlene Dietrich and Ernst Lubitsch. Topics include: expressionism, film noir, diaspora/exile, historical trauma, the anti-Nazi film/anti-fascist aesthetics, the Hollywood studio system, importing/exporting entertainment.

Winter 2019 German 3360G Instructor: T. Nagl Syllabus

German 4500G: Senior Research Project (cross listed with Italian/Spanish/CLC 4500G)
In this capstone course, students develop their own research project with a specific historical or geographical perspective centered on a designated general theme. Students work in conjunction with peers and professors and choose their own medium of presentation ranging from the traditional to the experimental.

Winter 2019 German 4500G Instructor: V. Wolff Syllabus

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