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Research and Teaching Group on Francophone
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The G.R.E.L.C.E.F., Groupe de recherche et d'études sur les littératures et cultures de l'espace francophone, or Research and Teaching Group on Francophone Literatures and Cultures, R.T.G.F.L.C., is a research and teaching Group created on April 13, 2004, within the Department of French Studies of the University of Western Ontario, and aiming at studying Canadian and international francophone literatures, cultures and languages in a broad sense. Its members are faculties and graduate students from the Department, as well as Canadian and foreign academics in Francophone literature and language fields.

Because of its interdisciplinary nature, the Group's research focuses are related to those of its members, and translated intro conference topics, collective research projects and publications, partnership and collaborative works on projects focusing on the Francophone world and literature. In its teaching part, or mandate, the Group envisages organizing graduate seminars for the Department's Graduate Students, in accordance with the Departmental regular Graduate Studies curriculum. An annual research day (journée d'études), a joint session with the APFUCC (the Canadian French Teachers Association) through its annual conferences in Canada, and the annual publications of the Group's online Journal, Les Cahiers du GRELCEF, are some of the Group's activities. The Group is in the process of becoming a research Center on the Francophone Literature, a further way to pursue it's research mandate.

Annual Research Topics


2008-2009: Entre-deux (Dir.: Mariana Ionescu)

2009-2010: Langues et écriture (Dir.: Laté Lawson-Hellu)

2010-2011: Les écrits de femmes de l'Océan Indien et des Caraïbes (Dir.: Karin Schwerdtner, Rohini Bannerjee)

2011-2012: La problématique micro-identitaire dans les écritures et expressions francophones (Dir.: Pascal Munyankesha, Ramona Mielusel)

2012-2013: L'individu et la collectivité dans les productions culturelles d'expression française (Dir.: Farida Bekri, Ourdia Djedid)

2013-2014: La question du nomadisme dans les expressions littéraires et artistiques francophones (Dir.: Simona Pruteanu)

2014-2015: La pertinence du fait religieux dans les écritures et expressions francophones (Dir.: Laté Lawson-Hellu, Fida Dakroub)

2015-2016: Le merveilleux dans la littérature jeunesse francophone (Dir.: Fanny Mahy)

2016-2017: Le "texte" francophone et ses lectures critiques (Dir.: Laté Lawson-Hellu)

2017-2018: Femme, érotisme et interdit dans les écrits francophones (Dir.: Amidou Sanogo, Hafida Bencherif)

2018-2019: L'étrange dans la littérature d'expression française (Dir.: Amidou Sanogo)

2019-2020: Le postcolonial dans le texte francophone (Dir.: Alexandra Roch, Ndeye Ba)

Since May 2020 the GRELCEF is replaced by the AIELCEF (Association internationale d'étude des littératures et cultures de l'espace francophone):








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