We have a main lab area divided into 3 rooms. Within the lab area trainees are provided individual work spaces with up-to-date computer facilities.

Our main on-site equipment includes:

  • Several custom made dynamometers for assessing isometric muscle function of various upper and lower limb muscles
  • A Humac Norm (Cybex) system for assessing dynamic muscle function
  • Two separate CED 1401 data acquisition interfaces
  • One portable CED 1401 data acquisition interface
  • Two separate Neurolog EMG systems
  • Two Digitimer electrical muscle stimulators
  • Spike2 data capture and analyses software
  • A Decomposition Spike Triggered averaging EMG system with custom software (on loan from Dr Tim Doherty)
  • Magnetic Stimulator (TMS)

Within our building we have access to:

  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory equipment including NIRS
  • Ultrasound system for doppler blood flow and muscle imaging
  • Muscle biopsy facilities
  • Strength and Cardiovascular training equipment
  • DEXA whole body scanner

Other available equipment in nearby facilities includes:

  • 3T Imaging, PET and spectroscopy research magnet
  • Clinical neurological testing

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