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2020 HS 9623 Perspectives in Knowledge Translation

From 2017, the Integrated Research Translation Network has issued annual calls to researchers and trainees for cases about their integrated knowledge translation experiences. The purpose of these cases is to illustrate what is happening on the ground with respect to integrated knowledge translation. The motivation for the casebook series was to:

1) supplement the theoretical literature,

2) capture learnings from those intimately involved with IKT projects (because not everything that happens at the front line gets evaluated or published) and

3) probe deeply into the partnership aspects of IKT.

We wanted to know details about the partnership (How was the partnership established? How was it supported?), the perceived link to outcomes and impacts and the lessons learned. See the casebooks here.

Students in the 2020 HS 9623 Perspectives in Knowledge Translation graduate course were asked to write a “case note” to accompany one of the cases. Students were free to select any case from volumes 1 or 2, and some selected the same case. The purpose of the case note was to provide the reader with some background information from journal articles and gray literature with which to understand the case. These case notes can be found below. Happy reading!

2020 HS 9623 Case Notes 

case notes