Graduate Students

Graduate Students
SSIRG Member Areas of Research
Cooke, Nevada (PhD)
  • Nevada Cooke is a PhD candidate working with Bob Barney.
  • His research pertains to former US President Gerald Ford, the President's Commission on Olympic Sports, and the role they played in reshaping the way the United States forms its Olympic teams.
  • Nevada received both his BA and MA from Western.
Croteau, Camille (PhD)
  • Camille is a PhD candidate working with Angela Schneider.
  • A recipient of the IOC Early Academics Grant, her research centers around the Olympic's influence on women's bodies and sports medicine.
  • Camille holds a BS and MS in Kinesiology, both from California State University, Fullerton. Her master's work looked at women's attitudes around being active during menstruation.
Deck, Sarah (PhD)
  • Member of the Sport Psychology Lab. Her research interests include motivation, emotion and coping in sport. Sarah’s current research (doctoral thesis) is looking at the impact of partner’s play in doubles racquet sports (i.e., squash, tennis).
  • Masters Research: Project M.O.T.A.R.: Motivation Towards Athlete Recovery  - understanding the impact of motivation of the athlete, therapist and coach on the overall recovery process. 
Fabian, Thomas (PhD)
  • Tom's doctoral research pertains to the political, cultural, and social history of the Universiade (World University Games). His PhdD supervisor is professor emeritus Bob Barney.
  • Other research interests include the social history of national sports around the world and comparative physical culture histories.
  • Tom holds an M.A. in Sport History and Culture from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. His Master thesis topic was: The role of varsity football in Canadian universities.
  • B.Sc. in Kinesiology from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
Kouali, Despina (PhD)
  • Desipina is currently pursuing her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Craig Hall. Her current research in sport psychology focuses on: a) developing a psychological well-being measure in the sport context, b) examining the link between social factors, need satisfaction, motivation and psychological well-being in sport, and c) examining the effectiveness of an imagery intervention in enhancing athletes’ psychological well-being.
  • BA in Psychology at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Greece (2008) and
  • MSc in Psychology of Exercise at University of Thessaly in Greece (2013).
McKee, Taylor (PhD)
  • Taylor McKee is a PhD Candidate and Instructor at Western University. He researches the interplay between violence, masculinity, media, and Canadian sport.
  • Prior to beginning his PhD studies at Western, Taylor studied history at the University of Calgary (BA hons) and for his University of Victoria MA project, he studied media reception to violence in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries on Canada’s west coast.
  • Taylor has peer-reviewed publications in the fields of: Olympic history, Canadian hockey history, and violence in sport.
Patil, Swarali (PhD)
  • Swarali Patil is pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Alison Doherty. Her doctoral research is focused on organizational capacity.
  • Other research interests include women in sport, gender equity in sport, and strategy in sport management.
  • Swarali holds an M.A. in Kinesiology (Leadership and Management) from Western University. Her master’s thesis topic was Capacity for Change: Critical Factors in the Organizational Implementation of Gender Equity in Sport Initiatives.
  • B.A. (Hons) in Sport Management from Coventry University, Coventry, UK
Pettit, Andrew (PhD)
  • Andrew Pettit is a PhD Student studying under the supervision of Dr. Robert Barney. His research examines the historical relationship between sport and politics with a particular focus on the history of the International Olympic Committee as a historical advocate for peace.
  • Andrew obtained his M.A. in History at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. For his Major Research Project, he analyzed issues of peace and nationalism as it related to the Quaker experience in revolutionary Philadelphia. Andrew attained his B.A. in History from McMaster University, graduating suma cum laude.
Quinn, Nancy (PhD)
  • Nancy Quinn is a PhD candidate working with Dr. Laura Misener. Informed by Critical Disability Theory (CDT) and ethnographic methodology, her research interests include the impact of sport on the social opportunities for Canadians living with impairment, media representation of impairment, and the intersection of sport medicine with sport and disability.
  • Her Doctoral research examines the medical encounter and the integrated model for large sporting events from the para sport athlete perspective.
  • Nancy completed her MSc at the University of Toronto. The title of her Masters thesis was "The Representation of Disability by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) during the 2004 Paralympic Games". She earned a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Queens University, Kingston. 
  • Nancy is a sport physiotherapist with longstanding involvement with the Paralympic movement and high performance sport.
Sales, Darda (PhD)
  • Darda Sales is pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Laura Misener.  Her doctoral research is focused on the coach’s role in supporting the wellness of their athletes. 
  • Other research interests include parasport development/engagement and the Paralympic athlete experience.
  • Darda holds a M.A. in Health Education/Health Promotion from the University of Alabama and a B.A. in Kinesiology from Western University.
van Waas, Courtney (PhD)
Walters, Jared (PhD)
  • Jared is a PhD candidate in the area of cultural studies of sport. He is currently studying the media representations of masculinity and national identity in Mixed Martial Arts. Jared’s previous research during his Master’s thesis included exploring the history and subculture of Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Jared is the past journal review editor of Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies and student representative on the ICOS Council.
  • Jared earned his Masters of Arts in Kinesiology from Western University and completed a Bachelor of Physical Health and Education from The University of Toronto.
Wasser, Kylie (PhD)
  • Kylie is a lecturer and PhD Candidate in Management and Leadership under the supervision of Dr. Laura Misener. 
  • Kylie's dissertation surrounds policy implications of Canadian sport hosting, specifically regarding legacy promises.
  • Kylie holds a Masters of Human Kinetics in Sport Management from the University of Windsor, and an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from McMaster University.