SIIReN - System Integration & Innovation Research Network




The Systems program develops and implements research initiatives on integrated and innovative care and ecological analyses of interventions for problems affecting all levels of children and youth, their families, schools, and local neighbourhoods.

Applied Health Research Question Reports:

“The Comparative Effects & Efficiencies of Interventions and Models of Home Care for Adults with Complex Needs”. The report is a review of the literature on models of home care in Canada and discusses case management in home care enlisting the help of a range of professional services and the hospital-in-the-home versus inpatient hospitalization. Studies were reviewed documenting the characteristics of patients with complex needs, use of resources, caregiver burden and dose of the intervention and detailed costs.

“Sources of Demand for and Resistance to Reconfiguring Professional Boundaries, Jurisdictions and Roles: A Summary of Recent Literature.”

Relationships with community partner agencies on additional projects include:

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