Academic Program Counselling

How We Can Help

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Environmental Science Program counsellors can help you with the following:

  • Course selection, graduation requirements and degree audits
  • Assisting you with understanding your progression through Environmental Science modules
  • Special permission to take an Environmental Science course without a pre-requisite
  • Special permission to count a course that is not currently listed as an Environmental Science course option towards your module requirements*
  • Adding and dropping Environmental Science courses after online registration closes
  • Determining course equivalencies for courses you've taken, or are planning to take at other universities that would count as an Environmental Science course

NOTE: *Add/drop and special permission to register for courses that are offered by other Departments must be directed to the department that is offering the course. Environmental Science counsellors can only give permission for courses offered by the Environmental Science Program.  For a list of courses click here.

For the Undergraduate Environmental Science Program only

Academic Counsellors

Please email for appointments and questions.

Eoin Rowe
252 North Campus Building
519.661.2111 ext. 89060

Please direct inquiries regarding other undergraduate programs in Environment and Sustainability to the appropriate Faculties/Departments: Minor in Environment and Culture (Social Science/Anthropology) and programs with Environmental Engineering and Green Processing Engineering (Engineering).