Our research is conducted in three principal areas:
Environmental Geochemistry, Anthropology and Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology

Environmental Geochemistry

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Carbon Cycling and Biogeochemistry of Wetlands and Landfills

Hydrogeology and Water Movement among the Hydrosphere, Biosphere and Atmosphere



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Christine White, Department of Anthropology, has a diverse research program related to her Canada Research Chair in Bioarchaeology and Isotopic Anthropology.  Themes of the program and some of the projects involved are listed below:

Infant Feeding Behaviour in Archaeology (oxygen, carbon and nitrogen isotopes)

Political and Economic Nature of New World States

Other Migration/Colonization Studies

Environment and Culture

Post-mortem Chemical Alteration

Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology  

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Low Temperature, Rock/Sediment-Water-Organic Matter Interactions


Mineralogical and Stable Isotopic Characterization of Diagenetic Minerals to Deduce the Fluid and Thermal Evolution of Sedimentary Basins


The Origin, Evolution and Exploitation of the Alberta Oil Sands

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Major collaboration with colleagues from industry, government and academe

Earth Sciences

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