Laboratory Facilities

Major instruments

Mass spectrometers

Thermo Finnigan Deltaplus XL
  • dual inlet and continuous flow capabilities
  • micro-volume
  • interfaced with GasBench, Costech EA, GC/C and PreCon peripherals
Thermo Finnigan Deltaplus XL
  • dual inlet and continuous flow capabilities
  • micro-volume
  • interfaced with TC/EA, 
  • CO2 laser with ClF3 extraction line
  • UV laser systems
Prism II
  • dual micro-inlet
  • multiport 
  • CO2 and H2 analysis

VG Optima
  • dual micro-inlet
  • multiport 
  • CO2 and H2 analysis

Elemental analyzers
Thermo Finnigan High Temperature Conversion Elemental Analyzer (TC/EA)
  • For high temperature pyrolysis of water, minerals, phosphates and organic matter 
  • interfaced to Delta Plus XL for continuous flow analyses of O isotopes in organic matter and phosphates

Costech Elemental Analyzer
  • interfaced to DeltaPlus XL for continuous flow analyses of C, N, and S isotopes
Carlo Erba Fisons1108 
  • % determination of C, N, H and S
Automated peripherals
  • high precision on-line isotope ratio determination of gas species, waters and carbonates
  • Combi-Pal autosampler


  • fully automated pre-GC/IRMS concentrator for the isotopic characterization of N2O and CH4 at natural concentrations 
Gas Chromatograph /High Temperature Conversion (GC/TC)
  • Compound specific isotope analysis of δ13C, δ15N, δ18O, and δ2H
  • Automated crushing system interfaced with the GC-C-IRMS equipment for isotopic analysis of fluid inclusions


Laser Lines
Merchantek Mir 10-25 
  • CO2 laser
  • BrF5 extraction line with online capabilities to the Deltaplus XL through dual-inlet mode or continuous flow 
  • Dual chamber for analysis of reactive minerals


Merchantek LUV 266X
  • UV laser ablation system
  • fluorine extraction line online capabilities to the Deltaplus XL
  • Peripheral for Merchantek Mir 10-25 laser fluorination line
  • Isolation devise for materials that are undergo low temperature reaction with fluorinating agents e.g. clay minerals
    Thermogravimetric and differential analyzer
    • custom designed
    • simultaneous TG-DT analyzer
    • combined vertical (1550) and horizontal (1000) heating systems
    • best possible vacuum integrity for use in stable isotope analysis

    X-ray diffractometer

    • high brilliance rotating anode 
    • Co K-alpha radiation
    • equipped with IBM-PC computer automation

    Bruker Vector 22
    • Press for making KBr pellets

    Ion chromatograph

    Dionex DX 500 
    • for analysis of cations, anions and organic acids in solution. 


    • to identify multiple phases/zoning in carbonate and altered granitoid rocks

    • to determine micro-porosity within rocks
    • mineral identification
    • mineral photography 

    Gas chromatographs

    HP-5730 and HP-5890

    Isotope extraction lines

    • 1 classical extraction line for determining d18O values of silicates using ClF3 or BrF5
    • 1 classical BrF5 extraction line dedicated to the measurement of d18O values of phosphates 
    • 2 classical vacuum lines for the extraction of CO2 from carbonates for d13C and d18O analysis (high and low temperature equilibration chambers available)
    • 1 vacuum line for the extraction of water from  hydrous silicate minerals (torch or furnace method) and the reduction of the water with uranium/chromium to produce hydrogen gas for dD analysis
    • 1 vacuum line using zinc to convert H2O into H2 gas for dD analysis  
    • 1 classical line for equilibrating CO2 and water to determine the d18O values of waters
    • 1 micro-line for the determination of both d18O and dD in small (3ml) water samples
    • 1 line for isotopic stabilization of exchangeable oxygen in opal phytoliths prior to oxygen isotopic analysis

    Ancillary equipment

    Mineral separation

    • high & low speed centrifuges
    • freeze dryers


    • high-gradient liquid magnetic separator
    • ultrasonic probes
    • mineral separation glassware (including clays and heavy liquid separation)

    Microsampling devices
    • Leica GZ6 Merchantek micro-drill
    • MT5 and MX5 Mettler microbalance (10-6g)
    • AEZ40 (10-5g)

    Milling equipment
    • Spex certiprep 6750 Freezer/Mill
    • Crescent Wig-L-Bug

    Azeotropic distillation 

    • for the extraction of moisture from soils or plants for stable isotope studies

    Soxhlet extraction

    • for the removal of organic matter from bitumen-rich sands
    Field equipment
    • for sampling greenhouse gases
    • for sampling sediments in wetlands/landfill
    • for sampling and coring soils
    • automated rain collectors
    • complete weather station
    • one small boat
    • two small toboggans

    Coming soon!


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