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Post Doctoral Fellows 

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Toti Larsen (2003-2004) Laser isotopist  web site
M.Sc. and MA Graduates  

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Lisa Blyth M.A.(2003) Who was Left on the Battlefield?á Isotopic Identification of Soldiers from Fort William Henry and the Battle of Stoney Creek
Simon Geoghegan M.Sc.(2002) Tracing the effects of oil seeps on food webs in the Sydenham River using C and N isotopes
Jen Heidenheim M.Sc.(2005) Interpreting paleoclimate from the stable isotope compositions of snail shells, tissues and body water 
David Sare M.Sc.(2004) Stable isotope analysis of dietary protein in red backed voles
Krista Blears (2002-present) Oxygen and hydrogen isotope fractionation of the clay mineral halloysite 
Allyson Brady (2002-present) Microbial diagenesis of bones: Implications for stable isotope analysis of archaeological material
Hua Jin  (2003-present) Stable isotope studies of atmospheric moisture in Southern Ontario
Bethany Kempster (2003-present) Assessing conditions in song sparrow nestlings using carbon and nitrogen isotopes.
Johnston Miller (2004-present) Stable isotope characterization of the diet of field mice.
Lisa Munro (2001-present) Carbonate and phosphate stable oxygen and carbon isotope compositions of burnt bones.
Bachelors Graduates  

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Mike Dorland (2002) Petrography and diagenesis of Cambro-Ordovician reservoir rocks from the Innerkip Gas Pool and Gobles Oil Pool, southwestern Ontario.
Breffney  MacKay (2003) The stable carbon and oxygen isotope geochemistry of secondary carbonates from the Innerkip Gas Pool and Gobles Oil Pool, southwestern Ontario.
Ariana Osman (2004) Detecting salinity variations in the oxygen isotope compositions of siderite nodules.
Leanne Kresky (2004-present) Paleoenvironmental reconstruction using the isotopic analysis of brachiopod shells
Scott Parsons (2004-present) Isotopic characterization of atmospheric water vapour in southwestern Ontario
Laboratory Assistants  

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Allyson Brady (2003)
Adam Jackson (2002-2003) Infrared spectroscopy of anthropological samples and data preparation
Pam Lowe (2002) Preparation of snail tissue for isotopic analysis
Rachel Singer (2003) Oxygen isotope composition of cellulose from grasses
Alexandra Carter (2003-present) Determination of bone crystallinity index and sample preparation for the isotopic analysis of bone samples 
Brooke Cleeve (2002-present) Preparation of samples for isotopic analyses
Alayna Iutzi (2001-present) General research assistance
Jamie Longstaffe (1998-present) Silicate oxygen isotope analysis, XRD analysis, water sample collection, and laboratory restructuring
Greg Rusciolelli  (2003-present) Preparation and processing of animal tissue samples for isotopic analysis.
U.W.O. Alumni (Prior to 2002)  

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Silvia Araujo Visiting Research Student  (1992) Publications
John Armstrong Research Student  (1991-1992) Publications
Avner  Ayalon Visiting Scientist 
Visiting Scientist 
Tova Ayalon Laboratory Assistant (1999-2000)
Jodi Lynn Barta Laboratory Assistant (1999-2000)
Andrew Beaton Laboratory Assistant  (1994-1996)
Peter Bennet M.Sc.
Laboratory Assistant 
Darlene Bigelow Co-op Student  (1990)
Michael Bird PDF (1989-1991) Publications
John Bloch Visiting Scientist (1993-1994)  Publications
Yvonne Bloom B.Sc. (1995) Publications
Joe Cali Visiting Laboratory Manager  (1998) 
Ian Colquhoun  Ph.D. (1999)  Publications
Frank Colozza Research Student  (1989-1993)
Lesley Dinette Visiting Research Student (1994) 
Steve Donaldson Ph.D.
PDF (Geological Survey of Israel)
Mike Dorland  Laboratory Assistant  (2000)
Jay Drew B.Sc.  (1988)
Roxane Fagan  Ph.D. (2001) Publications
Mark Fazari Laboratory Assistant  (1997)
Sharon Forbes Laboratory Technician (1991-1997)
Dean Fratarcangeli B.Sc. (1994)
Karie Lyne Gage  M.Sc.

Michal Goralski Laboratory Assistant (1998)
Dave Harper M.Sc.
Laboratory Assistant
Shaoneng (River) He Ph.D. (2001) Publications
Edward Hornibrook PDF
Patrice Hornibrook (Huddart)  PDF
Laboratory Assistant
Shelley Kilby Laboratory Assistant (1998-1999)
Kurt Konhauser PDF (1993-1994) Publications1
Dagmar Lacina Laboratory Technician  (1993-1997)
Kim Law  Research Associate
Research Assistant
Natalie Lefebvre B.Sc.
Laboratory Assistant 
Richard LÚveillÚ Ph.D. (2001) Publications
Grace Lockwood Laboratory Technician (1987)
Jamie Longstaffe Laboratory Assistant (1998, 1999)
Katsumi Marumo Occasional Visiting Scientist 
Visiting Scientist
Antonio Mateus Visiting Research Student  (1994) Publications
Paul McCarthy PDF with A.G. Plint (1996-1999) Publications
Jennifer McKay Research Associate
Maria Mesquita Research Student (1995-1996) Publications
Paul Middlestead Laboratory Manager (1988-2001)
Travis Mikel B.Sc. (2001)
Chitoshi Mizota Occasional Visiting Scientist  (1995-1996)  Publications
Uli Mok PDF (1993-1996) Publications
Shelley Morgan Laboratory Assistant  (1997-1998)
Rob Muir Laboratory Assistant (1998-2000) 
Hamid Mumin Research Student &
Laboratory Assistant 
(1991-1993) Publications
Takanori Nakano Visiting Scientist (1994-1995)
Franscisco Pinho   Research Student (1995-1996)
Mira Racki M.Sc. (1991)
Raveenie Ratnasingam Laboratory Assistant  (1996-1998)
Roger Richer Laboratory Assistant  (1999-2000)
Ajay Sharma B.Sc. (2001)
Cliff Shaw Research Assistant (1990)
Wendy Shier Laboratory Assistant
Shawna Simpson M.Sc.
Laboratory Assistant
Sola Sogbein Laboratory Assistant  (1998-1999)
Zhaohui Tang PDF (1995-1997) Publications
Giang Tran    Laboratory Assistant   (1998-1999)
Frederic Vitali  PDF (1999-2001) Publications
Moire Wadleigh PDF (1990-1992) Publications
Elizabeth Webb  PDF
Laboratory Assistant 
Jocelyn Williams M.A. (2000) Publications
Lavinia Zanini B.Sc. (1992)
John Zhow Visiting Scientist (1992)
Karen Ziegler PDF (1995-1999)  Publications
University of Alberta Alumni (1979-1987)  

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Avner Ayalon PDF (1983-1985, 1988-1989)
Steven Burtch M.Sc. (1986)
Diane Caird Laboratory Technician (1979-1987)
Cathy Connolly Ph.D. (1990)
Allan Crowe Ph.D.  (1988)
Michael Dean M.Sc. (1985)
Anita DeIure PDF (1982-1984)
Kent Grant M.Sc. (1985)
John Kirk M.Sc.  (1985)
Des Lee M.Sc. (1985)
Fred J. Longstaffe Professor of Geology  (1978-1987)
Elizabeth Nelson M.Sc.   (1986)
Lauren Pudsley Research Student  (1979-1980)
Greg Robb   M.Sc. (1985)
Barbara Tillley M.Sc. 
Lori Wickert M.Sc.  (1992)

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