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Students involved in the driver paper synthesis



Climate Change
Photo of Elaina (Ardith) Hurst
Elaina (Ardith) Hurst
McGill University
Photo of Lingli He
Lingli He
University of Michigan
Photo of Alana Bartolai
Alana Bartolai
University of Minnesota
Photo of Bonnie Keeler
Bonnie Keeler
University of Minnesota
Photo of Brianne Kelly
Brianne Kelly
University of Waterloo

Photo of Mathew Cooper
Mathew Cooper
University of Notre Dame
Photo of Maureen Campbell
Maureen Campbell
University of Windsor

Water Quantity
Photo of Mahdi Maghrebi
Mahdi Maghrebi
State University of New York
at Buffalo
Photo of Deasy Nalley
Deasy Nalley
McGill University

Water Quality
(Biological & Chemical
Photo of Ryan Sorichetti
Ryan Sorichetti
Western University, Canada
Photo of Emily Cornwell
Emily Cornwell
Cornell University
Photo of Jean Olivier Goyette
Jean Olivier Goyette
Université de Montréal
Invasive Species
Photo of Katie Pagnucco
Katie Pagnucco
McGil University
Photo of George Maynard
George Maynard
SUNY Plattsburgh
Photo of Shannon Fera
Shannon Fera
Trent University
and Societal Values
Josee Methot
McGill University
Xiyu Huang
State University of
NewYork at Buffalo

and Geopolitics
Photo of Adam Thorn
Adam Thorn
Ryerson University
Photo of Savitri Jetoo
Savitri Jetoo
McMaster University

Students involved in the scenario development phase

Photo of Bryan Comer
Bryan Comer
SUNY College of EnvironmentalScience and Forestry, Syracuse
Photo of Christopher Orr
Christopher Orr
McGill University
Photo of Frazier Fathers
Frazier Fathers
University of Windsor/ University of Michigan Dearborn
Photo of James Steenberg
James Steenberg
Ryerson University
Photo of Kathleen Williams
Kathleen Williams
University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
Maureen Campbell
University of Windsor
Photo of Michael Timm
Michael Timm
University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences
Photo of  Scott Kalafatis
Scott Kalafatis
University of Michigan
Photo of Shannon Fera
Shannon Fera
Trent University
Photo of Sophie Splawinski
Sophie Splawinski
McGill University