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Article Title Media Date
Interview with social insect biologist Graham Thompson Insectes Sociaux (Springer) blog 11 September 2018
Probiotics to the rescue: Saving the world's honey bees CTV News and Lawson Health Research Institute 'Latest News' Feed 30 August 2018
Using probiotics to boost bee immunity systems CTV News and Biology Home Page 29 August 2018
Biting down on colony membership in the Eastern subterranean termite Insectes Sociaux Blog 8 March 2018
Western Faculty Profile: Dr Graham Thompson WURJ: Health and Natural Sciences: Vol. 8 : Iss. 1 , Article 17.   December 2017
Shared genes shed light on social organization of bees Globe & Mail 8 November 2016
Urban settings a solution to mysterious bee deaths 3 June 2016
Researchers in Reality - Graham Thompson Research2Reality 11 February 2016
Buzz kill: Why no one is happy with Ontario's plan to protect bees The Ottawa Citizen 19 July 2015
The rise and fall of empires... termite empires Research2Reality 7 July 2015
On Ontario's Poliinator Health Action Plan The Pulse AM980 31 March 2015
The importance of bee-ing earnest Full Glass Radio (on SoundCloud) 6 August 2015
Beekeepers tallying their losses CTV London 26 March 2014
Hamilton's evolutionary theory driving world-changing research CBC News 17 March 2014
Termite invasion destroying GTA homes GlobalNews 12 August 2013
Termite research at Western Western Revealed,
Rogers TV
13 February 2013
Termites in Toronto Here and Now with Mary Ito,
CBC Radio 1
19 December 2012
Termites forming super- colonies in Ontario, Western University researchers find London Free Press 19 December 2012
Western biologists bore into Canadian termite invasion Western News 19 December 2012
The ‘big idea’ that changed everything Western News 5 February 2009
Termites may shed light on evolutionary puzzle Windsor Star 9 December 2008
Scientists discover evidence of selfish gene Finding Dulcinea 23 June 2008
The genetics of anarchy Nature Research Highlights 3 July 2008
Disappearing honey bees continue to stump scientists ABC Radio 18 May 2007
Anarchy in the hive ABC TV 23 November 2006
Gene sequence proves a honey pot for researchers Sydney UniNews 26 October 2006
Consortium decodes honey bee genome Baylor College of Medicine 25 October 2006
Whither the worker bee BBC Newshour 24 January 2005