Richard GardinerWestern Science


Biology 1290B - Biology and Microorganisms

The fundamental priinciples of biology with emphasis on cell function and the role of microorganisms in public health, sanitaiton, food, and nutrition.  Restricted to Food and Nutrion modules or by permission of the Department of Biology.

Biology 2217B – Plants as a Human Resource
An introduction to economically important plants and their products, especially as sources of food, fuel, drugs and industrial raw materials. National and international programs relating to food and other plant resources.

Biology 3218F - Biology of the Fungi (summer)
An introduction to the fungi with emphasis on their biology, ecology, genetics and interactions with other organisms, including humans. The fungi studied include those with motile cells in the Kingdom Chromista and the much more numerous species in the Eumycota - Zygomycetes, Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes - including those with yeast- like forms.

Biology 4218A - Microorganisms and Plant Disease
Plant diseases caused by abiotic and biotic factors with emphasis on effects of important pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi. Relationships between host, pathogen and environmental factors, epidemiology and methods of control.