Umar Haruna

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Program: Visiting Research Only (VRO) Graduate Scholar in the Collaborative Program in Global Health Systems, PhD in Social Administration
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Umar is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Social Administration at the University for Development Studies in Ghana. He holds a Master of Philosophy and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Sociology. His research interests covers a wide range of subjects and topics in public health, medical sociology and health geography. Specifically, he has been working on research in public health policy, health systems, social epidemiology, and social determinants of health. He is also interested in health seeking behavior, reproductive health and health care interventions. His recent research is on examining the impact of health interventions on health outcomes of vulnerable persons especially women and children in deprived communities.
His doctoral thesis is geared toward an appraisal of a public health intervention seeking to improve access and utilization of primary health care. My thesis topic is “Examining the contributions of the Community-based Health Planning and Services program toward improved maternal and child care in DBI district of the Upper West Region.”