Rael Adhiambo

Image of Rael Adhiambo

Program: Visiting Research Only  (VRO) Graduate Scholar in the Collaborative Graduate Program in Biology and Global Health Systems
Internship Project: Working on Remote Sensing of Crater Lakes in Uganda.
Western Email: radhiamb@uwo.ca

My name is Rael Adhiambo and I come from the lush green sugar belt of Western Kenya. I am passionate about Sustainable Development, Ecological Monitoring using GIS, Ecosystem Health, and climate change issues. I did my undergraduate degree in Environmental Management and Conservation at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology where I got first class honors, emerging the best overall student in the faculty of science of the year 2015 graduating class. During my time as an undergraduate student, I participated actively in environmental activities within the university as well as across the Nation. I later had the opportunity to become the chair-lady of the Organization of Environmental Conservationists; a university based environmental group and later on the Graduate Students Representative. I am currently pursuing my MSc. in Environmental Science at the same university. I will be spending six months at the Department of Biology in UWO, learning about GIS and remote sensing and how it applies to my research at home. I will also be looking at remote sensing on crater lakes in Uganda. Hopefully, this experience will give me the tools I require to expand my study and research interests further and how to apply GIS as a tool for climate change modeling.