Nicholus Kagundu

Image of Nicholus Kagindu

Visiting Research Only (VRO) Graduate Scholar in the Collaborative Program in Global Health Systems in Africa and  Biology 
Home/ Partner Institution:
Masters in Environmental Science (MSc) Candidate, Kenyatta University, Kenya.
Occupation: Nakuru, Kenya Ministry of Agriculture, State Department of Fisheries
Western University Email:

While in Canada, Nicholus' research objectives include: 

  • Research project proposal writing on aquaculture
  • Collect important research information through literature review from library resources
  • Review of aquaculture models being practiced in natural water systems and man made systems
  • Assess the viability of aquaculture in natural water systems and its impacts on environment and health
  • Conduct collaborative research with other scholars at Western University
  • Field visits to collect data for comparative study
  • Perform other academic tasks assigned by my supervisor