Christine Matindu

Image of Christine Matindu

Program: Visiting Research Only (VRO) Graduate Scholar in the Collaborative Graduate Program in Microbiology and Global Health Systems
Current Research Project: Determination of Soil Microbial Diversity under different Cropping Systems in Small Holder Farms in the River Isiukhu Watersheds, Kakamega
Supervisors: Dr. Greg Thorn/ Irena Creed
Western Mail:

Christine Matindu was born and raised in the Western part of Kenya. She’s currently a second-year student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, pursuing MSc in Microbiology after completing BSC in Biotechnology in the same university. She had a chance of interacting with global health students from Western University during their summer field school in Kenya, May 2016, which steered up her interest in learning more about global health systems in Africa – community wellness. She has a great passion for studying food security and community well-being in third world countries and tries to accomplish the interest by being in deep love with the soils and therefore currently working on research project “Determination of soil microbial diversity under different cropping systems”, a study done in western part of Kenya with the aim of achieving sustainable agricultural practices through development of appropriate technologies for microbial maintenance since the soil microbes are directing involved Microbiology fertility.