Director, Dr. Saverio Stranges


Professor and Chair, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

   Office: Kresge, K201-B
   Telephone: 519-661-2111 x 86267
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As a public health physician and epidemiologist, Dr. Saverio Stranges has a longstanding research interest in Global Health, especially in the area of non-communicable disease (namely cardio-metabolic conditions) in low-resource settings. While at the University of Warwick, Dr. Stranges was involved in Sub-Saharan African Research Networks, along with other international partners, to build capacity and foster collaborative work on the growing burden of chronic disease in African countries. He has published a number of research papers addressing the burden of cardio-metabolic disease in Africa, by using existing data (DHS) and developing original epidemiological studies in these settings.

Throughout his academic career, Dr. Stranges has always strived to embrace a socio-environmental model of health to address epidemiological questions and investigate the broader determinants of health outcomes. Epidemiological research is transdisciplinary in nature because it addresses the etiology of complex multifactorial disease, such as chronic conditions, which cannot be addressed by a simple biomedical model of health. In this endeavor, he has collaborated with colleagues from a variety of disciplines, including anthropologists, sociologists, economists, political scientists, biomedical engineers, psychologists, clinicians and basic scientists.

Dr. Stranges has also been involved in teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows and junior doctors, in some capacity for the last fifteen years of his academic career, across different countries (Italy, US, UK, and Luxembourg). He places emphasis on the diverse backgrounds of his doctoral students, coming from a range of countries and addressing a variety of global public health issues. For example, some of his Ph.D. students, who have completed their doctoral work, have developed projects to address the growing public health burden of cardio-metabolic disease in African settings.

Dr. Stranges enjoys working collaboratively and collegially with his students at all levels of the research process and fostering their enthusiasm for epidemiological and public health research. In his mentorship, Dr. Stranges is always striving to provide his students with the required set of methodological skills and scientific background to become international leaders in their fields. Framed within the context of a global society, across both his teaching and mentorship roles, Dr. Stranges strives to empower his students by fostering their critical thinking and open-mindedness, thereby facilitating their academic and professional development.

Selected Publications:

  • Stranges S, Tigbe W, Gómez-Olivé XF, Thorogood M, Kandala N-B. Sleep Problems: an Emerging Global Epidemic? Findings from the INDEPTH WHO-SAGE study among over 40,000 older adults from eight countries across Africa and Asia. Sleep 2012;35(8):1173–1181.
  • Kandala N-B, Tigbe W, Manda SOM, Stranges S. Geographic variation of Hypertension in Sub-Saharan Africa: a case study of South-Africa. Am J Hypertens. 2013;26(3):382-91.
  • Kandala N-B, Stranges S. Geographic Variation of overweight and obesity among women in Nigeria: a case for nutritional transition in Sub-Saharan Africa. PLoS One. 2014;9(6):e101103

    Keywords: cardio-metabolic disease epidemiology and prevention, nutritional epidemiology, sleep patterns, quality of life and aging research, global health, social determinants, Africa.

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