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Patrick Mahon

1989-1991            Masters of Fine Arts, Printmaking/Installation
                             University of British Columbia, Vancouver

1982-1983            Education Certificate, Art Major
                             University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

1975-1979            Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drawing/Printmaking Major
                             University of Manitoba School of Arts, Winnipeg



Patrick Mahon is an artist, curator and teacher/academic; he has been a faculty member in Visual Arts at Western University, London, ON, since 1995. His work as a visual artist includes print-based projects that engage with historical and contemporary aspects of printmaking, and involves responding to gallery and museum collections as well as establishing community-based art initiatives. Mahon’s artwork has been exhibited widely including, in Canada, at Museum London, The Art Gallery of Hamilton, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and Kamloops Art Gallery, and internationally at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing, China, in 2005, and in Barthète (Toulouse), France in 2011. The SSHRC-funded project, Art and Cold Cash, which involved Mahon and other artists from southern Canada and from Baker Lake, Nunavut, was produced and exhibited between 2004 and 2008 (MOCCA, Toronto; McLaren Arts Centre, Barrie; Platform, Winnipeg: Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina), and a book was published by YYZ in 2010. Patrick’s collaborative SSHRC project, Immersion Emergencies and Possible Worlds, on the theme of water, began in 2010 and includes a residency in Niagara Falls and at the Banff Centre. As an individual artist, Patrick Mahon was in residence for three months at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York in 2007, the Frans Masereel Centrum (Belgium), and at La Maison Patrimoniale Barthète in France, both in 2011. Upcoming exhibitions include McMaster Museum of Art (2013); Robert Langen Gallery, Wilfred Laurier University (2013); Gallery 1C03, University of Winnipeg (2014); and Rodman Hall, Brock University (2014). Patrick lives with his family in London, Ontario, and is represented by Katzman Contemporary, Toronto.

Current Projects

Immersion Emergencies and Possible Worlds -  A SSHRCC Research/Creation Grant Project, see: 

Forthcoming related exhibition:
2014 The Source: Reconsidering Water through Contemporary Art – Mahon, Xiong, Boisjoly, Miner, Garoo, Bariteau, Esfahani and Jorge & Lucy Orta, Curated by Stuart Reid, Rodman Hall Art Centre, Brock University, St.Catharine’s, ON (catalogue)


2008 Hellmuth Prize, The University of Western Ontario’s Top Research Prize (one of two recipients)
2005-2007 Faculty Scholar, Representing Faculty of Arts and Humanities, (1 of 3 Representatives; includes Research Award)


2011-14 SSHRCC Research/Creation Grant, “Immersion Emergencies and Possible Worlds”, with Gu Xiong and S.Esfahani 
2009-10 Canada Council for the Arts, Publications Assistance (with A&CC/YYZ Publishing) 
2005 Department of Foreign Affairs, Exhibition Support for “Shifting Spaces”
2004-07 SSHRCC Research/Creation Grant, “Art and Cold Cash”, with R. Arngna’naaq; J. Butler; S. Butler; W. Noah

Portfolios Published

2010 Baker Lake House 2, Prefix Photo Magazine 21: Border Cultures, Vol. 11 No. 1, p. 78-81

Edited Books/Journals

2010    Art and Cold Cash: A Book published by YYZ Publishing (co-published by The University of Western Ontario and University of Guelph).    
2007    Visible Language 42.1: “After The Grave,” with David Armstrong (RISD, Rhode Island, 2008).

Curatorial Projects

2011    Barroco Nova, curated by Patrick Mahon and Susan Edelstein, Artlab; McIntosh Gallery; Museum London (International Group Exhibition with catalogue; see -

2008-09    Hinterlands: Fastwurms; Glabush, Thorneycroft, Urban, The McIntosh Gallery, London, ON; York Quay Gallery, Harborfront, Toronto, ON (brochure).

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2014   Water Memory Table, Gallery 1C03, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB, curated by Jennifer Dickson (forthcoming)
2013   Voyager: Albrecht Durer, William Hogarth, and Patrick Mahon with Stowaways- Artist Curated Project and Exhibition, invited by Ihor Holubizky, McMaster  Museum of Art, Hamilton, ON 
2013   Water & Tower Allegory, Robert Langen Gallery, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, ON, curated by Suzanne Luke
2012   Water and Tower, Katzman Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
2011   Chateau d’Eau, La Maison Patrimoniale de Barthète, Boussan (Toulouse), France, Curated by Suzanne and Claude Légé – International (Brochure)
2010   Baker Lake House, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.

Selected Group Exhibitions - Canada

2014   The Source: Reconsidering Water through Contemporary Art: Mahon, Xiong, Boisjoly, Miner, Garoo, Bariteau, Esfahani and Jorge & Lucy Orta, Curated by Stuart Reid, Rodman Hall Art Centre, Brock University, St.Catharine’s, ON (forthcoming -catalogue)
2013   Size Matter: Big Prints from Around the World, University of Alberta Museums at Enterprise Square, Edmonton, AB, curated by Jim Corrigan
2007-11   Art and Cold Cash (Collective Exhibition), The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art/Toronto Airport; McLaren Art Centre, Barrie, ON/Barrie Airport; Platform Gallery, Winnipeg, MB; Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina SK. (book; see - )

Selected Group Exhibitions - International

2012   The big ones! International Centre of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (catalogue)
2009   Short Statements on Artistic Knowledge Production, Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, N.Y., curated by Natalie Loveless (catalogue)

PhD Supervision

Chief Supervisor:

Jason Hallows, “Demonstration: Monstrous Operations in Sculptural Productions and Display” PhD Dissertation, conferred Spring 2012.
Andy Patton, “A Painter's Brush that Writes Poems” PhD Dissertation, conferred 2013


Michael Farnan, current First Year
Maryse Lariviere, includes Major Comp Committee membership

Masters Supervision

Chief Supervisor:    

Jennifer Wanner, “Ecosimulacra,” M.F.A.,conferred Summer 2009.
Soheila Kolahdouz-Esfahani, “Trans (across, over, beyond),” M.F.A. conferred Summer 2010.
Gautam Garoo, “Between Is and Was,” M.F.A., conferred Summer 2011.
Kyla Brown, “Untitled,” M.F.A., conferred Summer 2013.
Gabriella Solti, “Untitled,” M.F.A., to be conferred Summer 2014.


Joscelyn Gardner, “White Skin, Black Kin,” M.F.A., conferred Fall 2003.
Daniel Wong, “Letters to a Young Poet”, M.F.A., conferred Spring 2006.
Anthea Black, “Of All Possible Worlds: Mapping Queer Craft and Collaboration,” M.F.A. conferred Summer 2012. (with Kim Solga, Dep’t of English)

Recent Courses


VAS 3300(½)   Advanced Printmaking
VAS 9554F      Paper Politics: Printed Matter, Political Engagement and Avant-garde Practices


VAS1025         Advanced Studio Foundations
VAS 3300(½)   Advanced Printmaking
VAS 9500a       Art Theory and Criticism in Western Culture (MA & MFA first year)


VAS1025          Advanced Studio Foundations
VAS 3300(½)   Advanced Printmaking
VAS 9540a       Graduate Studio Seminar (MFA)


VAS1025          Advanced Studio Foundations
VAS 3300(½)    Advanced Printmaking
VAS 2275b       Art Now!