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Access to Residual Funds

In most situations at the end of a NSERC or SSHRC grant funding period, grantees receive an automatic extension of one year; this is referred to as the terminal year. At the end of the terminal year any funds remaining are retained under the control of Western, these are referred to as residual funds. For the grantee to receive special permission to access these residual funds, the grantee must demonstrate that unforeseen circumstances existed which prohibited them from completing the project within the approved time frame.

NSERC only: If a renewal has been requested in the terminal year, access to residual funds should not be requested until a decision has been reached on the renewal.


Overarching Internal Grant Program Guidelines

Program Specific Guidelines


February 28th for grants ending terminal year on March 31st (Please note NSERC Renewal exception above.)
Open deadline for all other terminal year end dates (Applications should be submitted 4 - 6 weeks before end date.)


Access to Residual Funds Application 



Indirect costs are not supported by this program.


Internal program applications are processed through Research Development & Services and must be accompanied by a completed ROLA Proposal.

Western Contact(s)

Florence Lourdes, Internal Grants Coordinator
Tel: 519-661-2111 x84500