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Resource Room

Resource Room

ICOS Resource Room

Supported by the Faculty of Health Sciences and the School of Kinesiology, ICOS maintains a resource room at 317, Health Sciences Building on Western's Campus. The room holds ICOS' reference library of about 4,000 titles related to the history, philosophy and sociology of the Olympic and Paralympic movements, and parts of ICOS' archival collections: the microfilm copy of the Avery Brundage Collection, parts of the James Worrall collection, and a permanent exhibit of donated Olympic paraphernalia - from stamp and coin collections, to pieces of art, and even a victory podium used at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games! (It is presently on long-term loan to the U.S. Olympic Committee.) Additionally, the resource room offers study and research space, and the use of networked computers. 

Accessing ICOS' Archival Collections

All archival collections at ICOS are open to researchers, students, and the general public. Requests to access the materials must be emailed to the Director of ICOS. The materials are available for use only in the ICOS Resource Room, during the Resource Room's general hours of operation. More detailed information on individual collections can be found on their respective web pages. The reference library can be searched using the Western University library catalogue.

Hours of Operation

September 1 - December 21, 2017

ICOS Opening hours Sep 2017

Work Study Student Assistants

Our work study students team plays an important role in the smooth operation of the Resource Room in HSB 317, and in making the resources of ICOS available to researchers and students. The team for 2017 - 2018 consists of: Kavita Ambu, Karen Chum, Jinhwi Kim, Seung (Kyle) Kim, Julia Lei, Monica To.

Resource Room Team

The 2017-18 ICOS Resource Room Team: Kavita Ambu, Karen Chum, Seung (Kyle) Kim, Julia Lei, Monica To, Jinhwi Kim


Code of Conduct

  1. Researchers using the Centre's resources and materials are expected to observe the following rules
  2. Please leave all coats, knapsacks, sports bags, etc. in the empty space by the left wall as you enter room 317. Writing materials, notebooks, laptop computers, etc. are permitted at the study tables.
  3. No food and only lidded drinks are permitted in the Centre during research activities!
  4. After use, please leave all materials used on the bookshelf at the rear of the Centre. Centre staff will return them to their proper locations. Please do not reshelve the items yourself!
  5. Under no circumstances are the Centre's research and resource materials to be removed from the premises. 
  6. As a courtesy to others, please avoid loud conversations.
  7. Please exert special care in handling the Centre's archival and reference materials. Many items are not only rare, but may also be in delicate physical condition.
  8. Photocopying may be done, but only under the supervision of the Centre's library staff. The cost is 15 cents per page, b/w only.

Search the ICOS Collections

The librarians at Western University's D.B. Weldon Library maintain an electronic catalogue of the archival and library holdings of the International Centre for Olympic Studies. The ICOS Collections can be searched via Weldon Library's main search page. Construct your search request using the options provided, and select "International Centre for Olympic Studies" from the drop-down menu to search our holdings.

 How to search Icos Collections