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Prenatal Fitness - The Expert featuring Dr. Michelle Mottola



The University of Western Ontario's Dr. Michelle Mottola (Director, R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation - Exercise and Pregnancy Lab, Faculty of Health Sciences) has partnered with the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) on this exciting new project.  

In it, Mottola gives information about exercise during pregnancy. This segment is about being medically prescreened and speaking to your health care provider, being able to exercise safely, and use the PARmed-X for pregnancy.

While the information contained in the materials is believed to be accurate and true, no responsibility is assumed by MLHU for its use. 

Used with permission from the Middlesex-London Health Unit.

R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation Exercise & Pregnancy Laboratory

What is the EPL?

The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation - Exercise and Pregnancy Lab (EPL) was established in 1989 to conduct research investigating the effects of exercise on the pregnant woman and her fetus.  We welcome questions from individuals about the risks and benefits of exercise during pregnancy, and are pleased to share the current Canadian Guidelines for Exercise During Pregnancy.

A research lab from Queen’s University & The EPL have developed a Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination Form (PARmed-X for Pregnancy), a medical prescreening form for use by physicians and midwives to evaluate pregnant patients who want to join prenatal fitness classes, and for ongoing monitoring of exercising patients.

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"In your special way, you helped me understand which implications diabetes had to my own as well as to my baby's health."

Sigalit Ephrat

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