Schulich school of Medicine and Dentistry Prenatal Health Project

Participants' Frequently Asked Questions

Is all of the information stored securely?

Yes, all identifying participant information is stored securely. Subject confidentiality is assured through the storage of data by subject number (rather than name) and all consent forms are kept seprate from the data and are in a locked filing cabinet in the research office. Data are stored electronically on a secure server, with no identifying information linked to the participant responses.

Who will see my health and research information?

The participant responses are only going to be seen by the small group of individuals responsible for analyzing the data. These responses are identified by study identification number, and have no participant names or addresses. Any data that are published will be general trends in the responses, rather than specific responses from any participants.

Can I withdraw from the study?

Participation in this study is completely voluntary. As we approach participants for each phase of the study, you will be asked whether you are willing to participate in the next phase. If they do not wish to participate then they will not be included in that phase of data collection. If a participant does not wish to be contacted again in any further phases of data collection they can tell us so at that time, or they can contact Dr. Karen Campbell at 519-661-2162.

Will you be contacting me again?

It is likely that participants will be contacted again to study different health challenges that affect both the mother and child as they age.

Would you like to know if I move?

Yes please! Follow up can prove difficult when we do not have up to date contact information. We would be very grateful if you could let us know if your phone number or home address change. You can contact us at:

Western University

Kresge Building, Room K201

London, Ontario

N6A 5C1