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Len Macdougall: No time like the present!

Twelve years ago, Len Macdougall retired from an impressive career as a professional engineer. He has since found that retirement can get rather busy. He not only maintains his own Quality Assurance Consulting business, but also makes essential time for sailing, dinghy racing and downhill skiing, which he proudly admits he has done most of his life.

Every winter, for more than twenty-nine years, Len and his ski friends have enjoyed seven scheduled ski bus trips to Blue Mountain, near Collingwood. In addition, with a “Core Group” of up to four couples, Len and his wife Betty have chartered sailing yachts in several areas of the world. Len also belongs to not one, but two bowling leagues. It came as no surprise to learn that Len keeps busy outside the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (CCAA), where he attends a Combined physical exercise program every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:15 AM.

He joined the CCAA about four years ago with Betty. They had originally heard of the Centre from a friend who attends the Registered Retired Association exercise group, which meets at 7:00 AM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the University. Len and Betty Macdougall began their affiliation with the CCAA in the introductory exercise group called the Get Fit for Active Living – eight-week program. Len reports, “My wife Betty and I thought that some form of discipline is really important.” He agrees that a structured essential strengthening and cardiorespiratory concentration helps to enhance balance for other activities, such as skiing. Len goes on to describe the Combined Program. “It is a really good program, well thought out…. it has excellent instructors.”

Len and Betty take advantage of their home exercise equipment as well, to help supplement their two days at the Centre, and during the summer months they walk and cycle. Len declares that one more highlight of attending his class at the Centre is the solid connection to the other participants, many of whom have participated since the class began.

One might regard Len Macdougall’s plate as completely full. However, he recently joined the CCAA’s Board of Directors. The position was presented to Len, and with his connection to the Centre, he agreed to participate and perhaps be a voice for his fellow CCAA participants.

For those needing encouragement to participate in an activity at the CCAA, they need only look to Len as a fine example of the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Top

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