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Retirement Research Association(RRA/LRRA)

An Exercise Program for Retirees

Information for Prospective Members

retirement research association researchersThe Retirement Research Association (RRA) was founded in 1981 by Dr. David Cunningham, Dr. Peter Rechnitzer and Dr. John Howard, who wished to research the effects of an organized exercise program on the process of ageing. 30 years later, there are still some of the original members attending regularly - a significant testimony to the beneficial effects of the program.

The group meets from 7:15 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. During the winter months, sessions are held in the Thompson Arena on the track around the ice rink. In the summer, the group meets in the TD Stadium and exercises on the Olympic-size track in the open air. UWO tracks have a non-slip, rubber surface that is easy on ageing joints.

The exercises are led by qualified instructors from the university and the hour's work is divided into three parts. During the first fifteen minutes of warm-ups, the major muscle groups are worked: shoulders, arms, legs, abdominals, etc. Members bring towels or mats to lie on during some of these exercises. The next half hour is spent walking at your own speed, the emphasis being placed on each member trying to raise the heart rate to the level determined at the annual stress test. The final fifteen minutes is intended as cool-down, with exercises consisting mostly of stretching major muscle groups and balancing.

Members are offered a stress test each year under the supervision of a doctor and qualified technician. This free test establishes the member's level of fitness and sets the objectives for the member to aim for.

Free parking privileges are available for members at UWO (upon application to the university and the payment of a returnable deposit).

The Retirement Research Association consists of a men's group of approximately 80 members and a women's group (LRRA)of approximately 60 members. They meet at the same times but exercise separately. The emphasis is always on each individual doing the best he or she can and working at their own pace.

As well as the obvious benefits to the physical health of members, the effects on mental health cannot be overlooked. Every session has its social aspect and during the walking half hour every subject imaginable comes into the conversation. There is a great deal of wit, humour and laughter that always compensates for the occasional regret at having to get up at an early hour. In addition, the RRA organizes a yearly trip to a musical in Stratford, semi-annual golf tournaments, a Christmas luncheon, and quarterly coffee parties. The RRA/LRRA are always open to suggestions for expanding its work towards reducing the adverse effects of aging. Try it! You'll Like it!

P.S. Interested retirees are invited to attend a session or two without payment or obligation


Mon - Wed - Fri
7:15 to 8:15 AM

Contact Information

Peter and Betty Holmes
Phone: 519-439-9764



Join the Retirement Research Association, an exercise program
associated with The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 7:15 to 8:15 am

All sessions held at The University of Western Ontario (May to September in the TD Stadium October to April in the Thompson Recreation & Athletic Centre)
15 Minute Warm-up Session, 30 Minutes Walking or Jogging
15 Minute Cool-down Session

Exercise at your own level and speed
Qualified Instructors
It's informal ~ It's fun ~ It's voluntary ~ It's healthy!
Sessions for Men and Women

COST only $125 per year with FREE PARKING
For Further Information,

Visit the RRA website or call

Dale Harrison
Phone: 519-686-0551

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