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Community Outreach

The Centre has a Community Outreach Division to:

  1. Expand community programs for older adults in Ontario, provincially, nationally and internationally;
  2. Develop model activity programs that are applications of research findings that will benefit older adults and will enable them to maintain an independent lifestyle;
  3. Develop and evaluate exercise programs for frail older adults in the community and in long-term care settings;
  4. Provide exercise testing and exercise prescriptions for the community, both for internal and outreach programs, and educate and train exercise specialists for careers in this area;
  5. Provide through seminars and workshops, the opportunity for physical activity leaders, including older adults, to develop expertise in exercise; over 2000 fitness instructors have been trained and the instructor courses, the Seniors' Fitness Instructors Course, the Functional Fitness in Long - Term Care Workshop, the Restorative Care Education and Training Course and the Home Support Exercise Program are now being developed for national distribution through the Training for the Trainer Course;
  6. Establish working relationships with agencies that provide physical activity programs for seniors;
  7. Study motivational factors that affect adherence to programs and develop strategies that will attract a larger segment of elderly people, who do not normally participate in fitness activities;
  8. Study nutritional factors that affect the overall well-being of older adults and the frail elderly population; and
  9. Act as consultants to assist with the development of community coalitions to address a community's physical activity programming needs for older adults.


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