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Restorative, Nursing Rehab and Exercise Programing Care Conference Toronto 2013

Conference Schedule

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Morning Sessions


Introduction and Welcome

Clara Fitzgerald


Top Research Articles - Restorative, Nursing Rehab and Exercise Programing Care

Clara Fitzgerald





Gait Aid Review and Summary

Shoppers Home Health


Exercising for Fall Prevention (active session)

Sarah Merkel


Unique Restorative Care Model Programs

Melissa Milner




Afternoon Sessions


Restorative Care & Mental Health/Illness

Scott Mitchell


Warm up and Functional Strengthening (active session)

Sarah Merkel


Exercise Prescription & Design for Long Term Care

Clara Fitzgerald


Wrap-up and Ontario Long Term Care Association Report

Nancy Cooper


Workshop Descriptions

2013’s Top Ten Restorative Care Research Articles: Start off the day with a look at the best research articles on Restorative Care. Learn about the latest developments on this topic and the importance of implementing evidence-based programming.

Gait Aid Review and Summary:  Review proper gait aid use for residents during your restorative care program.  Review how to problem solve and steps to take for effective use and continued use.  Bring your questions to the specialists.

Exercising for Fall Prevention: Fall prevention is a hot topic! This workshop provides an opportunity to review the newest falls research, just the highlights in a fun and easy to understand way! Exercises and activities that promote balance and strength in the lower extremities are the keys to preventing future falls. This workshop teaches practical skills that will help you when working with the fallers at your facility.

Unique Restorative Care Model Programs: Be inspired by this showcase of unique real-life restorative care programs. All the featured programs focus on communication, dining or mobility and are presented in a model format so they are easy to translate in to actual programs in your facilities.

Restorative Care and Mental Health/Illness

Exercise Prescription and Design for Long Term Care: Learn the evidence-based recommended exercise prescription and design for long-term care small group programming.  Understand the importance of the key functional mobility class components and how to implement them with residents of varying abilities.




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