Nicole Elizabeth Feutl

Painting of red and white organic shapes against a blue background.

Acrylic and oil pastel on wood panel

Photo of Nicole

Nicole Elizabeth Feutl

Artist biography

I feel as if I always come back to these three themes: nature, movement, and design. Things that are ever-present, ever-changing, and reflective of individuality. For nature, my work often refers to plants and animals, of the effect of growing and of being wild. But I also use nature in reference to raw instincts of passion or purpose, of who you are and what you are driven to do. As for movement, I want my works to capture a sense of energy and be active participants in their environment. I don’t want my paintings to be static, either in physical composition or conceptual abstract. I also love working with colour, form, and texture, and in making different elements work together in contrast and harmony. I love juxtaposing ideas or conventions and playing with space and pattern. I hope to capture an essence of evolution and translate these stories and ideas into three-dimensional or painted forms.

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Mauna Kea
Oil pastel on unstretched canvas

Painting of a mountain range, done in red with blue shading.
Painting of a busy street with buildings defined with black contours filled in with yellow and red colouring.

China Town
Acrylic on coloured fabric

Photo of the artist's studio space, surrounded with paintings

Inside the artist's studio