Chloe Marie Gatti

Abstract painting with light coloured elements against a red background

what if heaven is a prison
Work in progress
Oil on canvas

Photo of Chloe

Chloe Marie Gatti

Artist biography

In my exploration of mental illness and disease, I use medical imaging technologies to learn about a variety of diseases and unique bodily functions. This direction in my work took off initially from my great fascination in the medical field and branched into a new method for me to understand and express the experiences of my own disability and using the resources available to me to create a deeper mode of communication. My work has been greatly influenced both through physiological terms as to how the body works but also how physical ailments and the practice of medicine affects peoples lives.

People tend to be afraid of what they don’t know and through my work I intend to expose even just a few more people to other ways to perceive them. From my research and personal experience I create to express the overarching feelings of loneliness and imprisonment within ones body when one may not be fully in control. I create my work not solely for my own expression but I also thoroughly enjoy learning about abnormal bodily functions or treatments and finding a way to communicate that through art.

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but I don’t love you the way you need me to love you
Oil on canvas

Painting representing a human heart and an organ connected by a red line with a figure standing on the ground looking up at the heart
Painting where the top half is dark blue and the bottom is rosy coloured. The image is bisected vertically by white lines and shapes.

Untitled (cruor)
Oil on Canvas

Overhead photo of a studio space containing canvases being worked on.

Inside the artist's studio