Search Strategies

Job searching takes patience and a positive attitude. The most common approach to job searching is responding only to posted positions and sending out generic remusés and cover letters. This approach is rarely successful. Most jobs today are secured through networking, and we highly recommend you pursue networking events and attend career fairs.

That being said, many individuals do secure positions by applying to online listings. Even with networks and connections, many organizations require that you go through the standard online application process so it important to demonstrate who you truly are. To this end, you must remember that your resumé and cover letter are a representation of you, and you must always strive to make a positive impression. 

There are numerous job posting sites that we recommend you visit as you search:

  • CareerCentral Job Listings
  • Another - Please provide
  • Another - Please provide

If you find yourself overwhelmed or are having a hard time finding jobs to apply for, our door is always open and are here to help you find your next job!