Audit of Our Processes

As a mechanism of accountability to post-secondary education’s principal stakeholders (i.e., universities, students, government, employers, and the public) a cyclical audit will assess the degree to which Western’s internally-defined quality assurance processes, procedures, and practices align with and satisfy internationally agreed upon standards, as set out in Ontario’s QAF.

Set on an eight-year cycle, the audit provides an opportunity for Western to evaluate its quality assurance policies and practices. It is supported by an assessment of performance by the QC. The cyclical audit begins with a self-study, which enables the University to reflect on current policies and practices, and the extent to which it demonstrates a focus on continuous improvement in the development of new programs and the cyclical review of existing ones.

The University will publish the audit report (absent any confidential information) of the upcoming 2023 audit, along with the follow-up institutional response, as necessary, on this webpage.