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German Courses 2014-15

ger1030image German 1030: German for Beginners

Practice speaking, understanding, reading and writing German in a dynamic class setting.  Develop your communicative skills while learning interesting and useful things about the German-speaking countries. Consider taking part in one of our many study-abroad or exchange opportunities.

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ger2200image German 2200: Intermediate German

Improve your speaking, reading and writing skills in a small class setting. Find out more about the culture of the German-speaking countries through stories, films, songs, poems, interviews and biographies, while building your vocabulary and reviewing all major areas of German grammar.

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ger2215gimage German 2215G/CLC 2209G: Exploring German Cultures

What impact did the Berlin wall (1961-89) have on life and art? What are the functions of the 18th Century epistolary novel in terms of today’s media? Do these two questions relate to each other? Begin exploring significant German literature, visual art and film while building the conversation, reading, writing and research skills needed in German for that exploration.

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ger2220aimage German 2220A: German Conversation

Practice speaking German through guided conversations, discussions, role plays, and games. Learn how to ask for and give advice, complain about something, ask someone a favour,  explain things, respond to invitations, make small talk etc. .  Improve your fluency while also learning about some current issues and cultural peculiarities of the German-speaking countries.

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ger3305image German 3305: Advanced German

Take your German to the next level while exploring topics such as travel, politics, history, film, music, fine art, literature, technology and the environment. Learn to speak and write more fluently, express yourself more idiomatically, and master the more challenging points of German grammar.

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ger3331fimage German 3331F: Uncanny German Stories: from the Extraordinary to the Supernatural

A man loses his shadow and goes on a wild adventure to get it back while another character wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a giant bug.  Why do such stories sound strangely familiar and yet make us shiver?  This course will show the German way of delving into the uncanny, the weird, the titillating and the grotesquely funny.

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ger3360gimage German 3360G/CLC 3351G: Intermediality: Where Literature and other Media Meet

What happens to a story as it moves from the medium of language to the medium of film?  Come and find out the differences, commonalities and problems associated with the (mis)matching of two ways of representing reality.  We will explore ways of “seeing" with words and “telling" with images... or vice versa. 

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ger4400bimage German 4400B: Intensive Translation

Find out what it takes to be a good translator.  Take your German to a more sophisticated level and become aware of the inherent differences between English and German. Texts to be translated from and into German represent a variety of contemporary styles and sources and will provide examples of the recurring patterns and linguistic problems you will need to master.

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ger4451fimage German 4415F/CLC 3350F: Medieval Culture

If you are interested what life was like when the first European universities came into being then this course is for you. Find out how people in the Middle Ages built, dressed, ate, travelled, healed, hunted, worshipped, loved and learnt as Ancient Greek and Arab knowledge became widely available in Latin translation.

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