Spanish 1030: Spanish for Beginners
More than 400 million people speak Spanish. Why don't you? Learning to speak Spanish opens the door to a broad and exciting world. Spanish 1030 is an elementary course for students who have never studied Spanish. You will learn basic vocabulary and grammar that will allow you to communicate with Spanish speakers about everyday matters.

Fall/Winter Spanish 1030 Instructor: A. Garcia-Allen Syllabus

Spanish 2200: Intermediate Spanish
Spoken worldwide, Spanish is the official language of 21 countries. Taught by native-speaking instructors, Intermediate Spanish will prepare you and will braoden your linguistic scope so you can make connections with local residents and deepen your experiences in Spanish-speaking countries. The primary emphasis of this course is on effective oral and written expression, so as to permit students who have completed this course to communicate their ideas and opinions with clarity in a variety of academic and social settings.

Fall/Winter Spanish 2200 Instructor: A. Garcia-Allen Syllabus

Spanish 2102B: Mexico City (cross listed with CLC 2129B and VAH 3390G)
Welcome to the megalopolis! 25 million inhabitants; 7 centuries of history and culture. Examine Mexico City through its history of continuous transformations from the Aztec capital up to today. Identify traces of the various pasts in the city's contemporary urban landscape and daily life through art, film, and literature. Taught in English.

Winter 2019 Spanish 2102B Instructor: A. Robin Syllabus

Spanish 2214A: Comparative Grammar of English and Spanish
Is Spanish easier to learn than English? In this course you will compare the structure of both. You will learn, for example, that Spanish has more verb forms, and English has a simpler word order. Exploring the contrasts will lead to a deeper understanding of grammar.

Fall 2018 Spanish 2214A Instructor: O. Tararova Syllabus

Spanish 2215F: Exploring Hispanic Cultures I
This course is an introduction to reading, writing and researching in Hispanic visual, performing, literary, and cultural production. The course also includes considerations of Hispanic socio-linguistics, as seen over time in a variety of texts. We will explore culture from the Hispanic world including Europe, North Africa and the Americas. The course´s objectives are, through the realization of individual projects, to improve research abilities and Spanish language skills in conversation, reading and writing. This year, we will be focusing on the Hispanic world at war. Students will be doing research on major cultural figures and the impact of their work on their communities. This course will be taught in Spanish.

Fall 2018 Spanish 2215F Instructor: R. Montano Syllabus

Spanish 2216G: Exploring Hispanic Cultures II
This course is an introduction to reading, writing, and researching in literature, film, popular culture and digital Spanish. Students develop foundations in these fields through a series of case studies across generic, historical, geographical areas of the Hispanic world. This year, the course will focus on food, markets, and cooking in the Hispanic world.

Winter 2019 Spanish 2216G Instructor: V. Wolff Syllabus

Spanish 2220B: Spanish Conversation (cross listed with Spanish 3327B)
This course will entail a variety of guided conversations in Spanish dealing with a selection of issues in contemporary Hispanic World (Spain, North America, Mexico and the Caribbean, Central and South America). Students will develop their communicative skills in Spanish through discussions of topics, ranging from social and political issues to TV and pop culture, films, music, fashion, food, and sports.

Winter 2019 Spanish 2220B Instructor: TBA Syllabus

Spanish 2500F: Bridging Classroom and Community: Languages and Culture in Action (cross listed with ICC/German/Italian/CLC 2500F)
Would you like to acquire lifelong competences that will allow you to build (self)-cultural awareness and interact meaningfully with other cultures in today's globalized world? Then Bridging Classroom and Community is your course! We will explore issues of identity, memory, immigration, prejudice, stereotype, and intercultural dialogue, while building a connection with our own London community, and its wealth of languages and cultures via collaborative projects between students and members of this community.

Fall 2018 Spanish 2500F Instructor: A. Borchert Syllabus

Spanish 2700F: World Cultures/Global Screens (cross listed with CLC 2700A and Film 2195A)
By looking at a body of films from Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, this course aims to expose students to a wide range of questions and debates around culture and identity, while also relating these matters to circulating discourses about the Global. Depending on each case study, the consecutive units focus on different critical approaches, alternatively addressing questions concerning the representation of racial, ethnic and cultural identities, matters of gender and female authorship, and issues of genre and stardom.

Fall 2018 Spanish 2700A Instructor: C. Burucua Syllabus

Spanish 3300: Advanced Spanish Language
Are you interested in improving your oral and written abilities in Spanish? Whether you're working, traveling, or reconnecting with your family and heritage in a Spanish speaking country, this course, taught by native speakers, will help you to achieve your objective. Would you like to express yourself fluently, read newspapers, editorials, professional interviews, and literary articles as well as listen to the radio and watch television and movies? After this course you will. Although grammar is not the major emphasis at this level, you will improve your grammar and vocabulary through interesting activities such as: debates, cultural discussions, and presentations.

Fall/Winter Spanish 3300

Course Coordinator: A. Garcia-Allen
Section 001: F. Quintanilla
Section 002: O. Tararova


Spanish 3303B: The Structure of Spanish
This course will introduce students to basic concepts in linguistics from a Spanish perspective. It examines the different levels of structure, including the Spanish sound system (phonology), word formation (morphology), and sentence formation (syntax). It will also examine the relationships between form and meaning.

Winter 2019 Spanish 3303B Instructor: O. Tararova Syllabus

Spanish 3318A: The Sounds of Spanish
This course invites you to learn about the Spanish sound system, variation in the Hispanic world and Spain, and accent recognition. You will become familiarized with current topics in Hispanic phonetics and phonology via readings, music and movies. You will also have the opportunity to design and carry out an experiment.

Fall 2018 Spanish 3318A Instructor: Y. Rafat Syllabus

Spanish 3319B: The Acquisition of Spanish (cross listed with Linguistics 2244B)
This course has three branches: review of experimental research as carried out by others; experimental research as conceived and carried out by you; and application to real life situations, the community. in the first of these we will review, based on the textbook and recent articles, what we know about second language acquisition. For the second part, in groups you will develop a research project that you will carry out and report on. For the third part you will work with a member of the community that wants to practice English.

Winter 2019 Spanish 3319B Instructor: O. Tararova Syllabus

Spanish 3327B: Spanish Conversation (cross listed with Spanish 2220B)
This course will entail a variety of guided conversations in Spanish dealing with a selection of issues in contemporary Hispanic World (Spain, North America, Mexico and the Caribbean, Central and South America). Students will develop their communicative skills in Spanish through discussions of topics, ranging from social and political issues to TV and pop culture, films, music, fashion, food, and sports.

Winter 2019 Spanish 3327B Instructor: TBA Syllabus

Spanish 3421F: Translation I: Practical Texts
This course will enhance students’ knowledge of Spanish language and culture though direct experience in translation. Texts in English and Spanish will be chosen from a broad spectrum of interests such as: sports, science, technology, literature, film, banking, advertising, tourism, government and legal documents. Students will come to appreciate the “joys and sorrows” or “miseria y esplendor” (Ortega y Gasset) of translation.

Fall 2019 Spanish 3421F Instructor: F. Quintanilla Syllabus

Spanish 3521G: Hispanic Pop Culture
An introduction to the popular culture in the Hispanic World, including music, films, soap operas, graphic novels, and cartoons. The student will also learn the evolution of the popular artistic forms and their relationship with social movements and changes in social and political values.

Winter 2019 Spanish 3521G Instructor: V. Wolff Syllabus

Spanish 3561G: Gender and Hispanic Culture
This course will study some of the principal literary works written throughout the Hispanic world within a socio-cultural context from the fifteenth century to the present both in Spain and Latin America. The course will include the study of Hispano-Canadian writers. Special attention will be given to how these works were adapted to other genres and received by a variety of audiences over time.

Winter 2019 Spanish 3561G Instructor: F. Quintanilla Syllabus

Spanish 3591F: Music, Dance & Performance in the Hispanic World (cross listed with CLC 3382F)
This course will consider three topics in the performing and performance art of the Hispanic world that have generated global debate. We will begin with music and music education to change lives in Venezuela; continue with flamenco dance – declared a Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO by 2010 – from Spain; and, finally, end with a travelling performance tour and video documentary created five-hundred years after Columbus’ arrival in the Americas by two border-crossing, US-based artists.

Fall 2018 Spanish 3591F Instructor: V. Wolff Syllabus

Spanish 3901G: Women Filmmakers (cross listed with WS 3357G and Film 3311G)
This course will explore the notion of film authorship in relation to its utterances and implications when associated to the praxis of women film directors, with a special emphasis on contemporary Hipanic voices. While troubling the notion of women's cinema, its definition, limits and limitations, a wide range of case studies - filsm emerging from dissimilar contexts of production and reception - will be mostly read and discussed in the light of feminist approaches to questions about gender and representation. In this sense, the course will also offer a historical and critical overview of feminist scholarship within film studies and of the ongoing debates in this ares of study.

Winter 2019 Spanish 3901G Instructor: C. Burucua Syllabus

Spanish 4412B: Spanish in Contact

Throughout its history, Spanish has come into contact with many other languages: Arabic in the Iberian Peninsula, indigenous languages in the Americas, and more recently - English. This course examines how such contact has influenced Spanish and the contact languages.

Winter 2019 Spanish 4412G Instructor: Y. Rafat Syllabus

Spanish 4500G: Senior Research Project (cross listed with Italian/CLC/German 4500G)

Winter 2019 Spanish 4500G Instructor: V. Wolff Syllabus

--Cancelled for the upcoming 2018/19 year-- Spanish 4540F: Hispanic Masters and Masterpieces

This interdisciplinary course provides an introduction to Ibero-American culture through a journey across the written cities, which include: Mexico City, Havana, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Lima, Panama, Guatemala, San Jose, Bogota and Santiago de Chile. Close attention will be paid to the connections between contemporary culture and cultural diversity with the cities' origins and foundations, which will be explored through the analysis of architectural and literary production.

Fall 2018 Spanish 4540F Instructor: F. Quintanilla Syllabus

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