MLL Photo Contest


Thank you to everyone for your submissions!

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos! We received such a positive response, each category was overflowing with creative, unique, and thought-provoking images, as well as a dash of humour and envy inducing scenery!

And the winners are...

The announcement everyone has been waiting for is here! The winners of the MLL Photo Contest 2018-19 are:

: Intercultural Moments
Winner: Ashley Zimmerman
Title of photo: Joy is a universal language that transcends all barriers
Description: Even though we may speak different languages, there are universal things that can help us overcome those language barriers and connect with each other - especially everyday emotions such as joy, and happiness.


Category: Literature as Inspiration
Winner: Jacqueline Shi
Title of photo: Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures
Description: The reflection in this photograph shows the rich and powerful world that literature produces. The literature-world often appears more realistic than reality itself, which can reveal hidden truths in our everyday lives. 


: Portraits of Language
Winner: Natasha Ana-Gabriela Coakley
Title of photo: The Power of a High Five
Description: Not supplied (photo taken in Cuncani, Peru)


: Study Abroad
Winner: Marius Humeau
Title of photo: Canadian fauna
Description: We are three European exchange students on our way to Killarney Provincial Park during reading week. We embarked on our journey to Algonquin National Park, driving on stunning Canadian roads. Passers-by got the chance to see some unusual fauna. Lucky them! Killarney is a great place to hike and camp, and this picture is a great representation of our week.


: People's Choice
Winner: Tess Shoemaker
Title of photo: Easter Sunrise Scripture Reading
Description: The Bible is the inspired Word of God that both fuels our passion and inspiration for seeking and finding truth. 

Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge thanks to all the participants who made this contest such a success. Please enjoy the exhibition throughout the summer months, and we'll be back next year for the MLL Photo Contest 2019-20!



The MLL Outreach Committee has completed the initial selection of photos to continue on to the exhibition phase. They reviewed each photo submitted, and determined a) how well it related to the submission category based on the description provided, and b) how well it was represented as an image. Although there were many photos worthy of being included in the exhibition, only the finalists will be printed and available for viewing in the exhibition.

The MLL Photo Contest Exhibition will be available from March 28th, 2019 until the end of April. It will be located in the main corridor on the second floor of University College. Voting for the People’s Choice category will be available at that time and determined by physical ballot. Winners for the initial four categories and the People's Choice prize will be announced at a celebration on Monday, April 8th, 2019 at 3:00pm in front of the exhibit. We hope to see you there!

See below for full contest rules and regulations:


Any student currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programming at the University of Western Ontario. Up to one submission per category per person. By entering the contest, you declare that the photograph(s) submitted is(are) an original work of your own creation. If your photograph includes people, you confirm that you have the permission of the individuals present in the photograph to share their image. By participating in the MLL Photo Contest, contestants agree to grant Modern Languages and Literatures use of any photos submitted (whether selected as a winning entry or not) for the MLL website, social media accounts, print materials, advertising, or event posters. By submitting your entry, you give your consent for your name, photograph, and photograph description to be publicly shared. Submitting a winning photo from a previous contest will result is an automatic disqualification.


Submit your photo to using your UWO email address along with your name, student number, title of photograph, category, and brief description (why it applies to category). Images should be maximum resolution provided by device.


Study Abroad: What images caught your eye while travelling as a UWO student? Share your experiences (and don't forget to include the name of the course)!
Literature as Inspiration: Is reading a passion? How can a book or a poem 'look'? Can an image help us reminisce about a favourite verse or a passage?
Portraits of Language: Simply an excuse to think about language and communication...but visually.
Intercultural Moments: Send us a snapshot that captures the interconnectedness of the world that we live in.


There will be one CAD$150 first place prize per category (listed above), plus one CAD$150 prize for a 'People's Choice' category.

Selection Process

Photos for each of the four categories will be evaluated and judged by a jury panel consisting of various members of Modern Languages and Literatures and/or the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (faculty and staff). The 'People's Choice' winner will be determined by physical ballot during the exhibition phase. 

If any category receives 50 or more submissions, the MLL Outreach Committee will do a pre-selection of the images to be sent for evaluation to the jury panel.


Contest start date: November 12th, 2018

Submission deadline: March 1st, 2019

Exhibition in UC: Week of March 11th, 2019, until the end of term March 28th, 2019 until the end of April

Winners announced: March 28th, 2019 Monday, April 8th, 2019

Dates are subject to change.


Good luck!


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