Hispanic Studies Graduate Student Profiles

Sarita Addy
Hispanic Studies PhD 2

Thomas Albertini
Hispanic Studies MA 2


Raul Manuel Lopez Bajonero
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

Raul Manuel Lopez Bajonero is a fourth year PhD candidate. His research interests include the History of Writing Culture and travel literature, especially maritime stories.

barba_gradEDIT.jpgMaria Laura Flores Barba
Hispanic Studies PhD 2

Coming to London from Mexico, Maria Laura Flores Barba is a first year PhD student in the Hispanic Studies program. Maria holds an MA in Art History at UNAM and my BA in History at Universidad de Guadalajara, and their research interests include viceregal painting, the Baroque period in New Spain, and material culture. Maria loves the diverse students population at Western, and studying in the Weldon Library.

bejines_gradEDIT.jpgLuis Miguel Herrera Bejines
Hispanic Studies PhD 1

Luis Miguel Herrera Bejines is a first year PhD candidate studying Literature and Cultures. Originally from Mexico, Luis enjoys the campus and diverse student population at Western: “The best part of the program is that there are many people from different backgrounds that makes the program very diverse and cosmopolitan.”

GonzalezAna Boller
Hispanic Studies PhD 3

Ana Boller is a third year PhD candidate in Hispanic Studies. Her research interests include Latin American novels and Latin American writers who do not always write about Latin America, but focus on European countries, induced by Globalization and the development of technology. Ana previously studied at Universidad Pedagogica Experimental Libertador in Caracas, Venezuela, where she graduated as a Teacher of English as a Second Language. Her area of expertise is both teaching and Latin American literature.


David Brown
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

David is a 4th year PhD student in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, a TA in the Digital Humanities program, and an RA at the CulturePlex Lab. His research focuses primarily on multi-partite cultural networks, and how the spread of objects across time and space affects the dissemination of cultural information. Generally, David is interested in network analysis, social media, graph databases, history, and the Python programming language.

carson_gradEDIT.jpgFraser Carson
Hispanic Studies MA 1

Fraser Carson is a first year MA candidate (Linguistics stream), originally from Sarnia, Ontario. Their interests primarily include L1, L2, and L3 acquisition, and a bit of sociolinguistics and translation theory on the side. Fraser thoroughly enjoys the practical and theoretical conversations and debates that take place within the diverse department: “The myriad of intelligent and critical thought and discussion always makes me keen to learn more about each and every student at our institution.”

Ricardo Munoz Castiblanco
Hispanic Studies PhD


Ivan Vazquez Clavellina
Hispanic Studies PhD 3

Iván B. Vázquez Clavellina is a third year PhD student from Mexico City. Their research interests include Hispanic history and literature.

cordero_gradEDIT.jpgDaniel Varuna Cordero
Hispanic Studies PhD 1

Daniel Varona Cordero is a first year Doctoral student from Havana, Cuba. His research interests include artificial intelligence, data science in cultural analytics and computational methods in linguistics.


Alba Devo
Hispanic Studies PhD 2

Hola, mi nombre es Alba Devo Colis vengo de San Luis Potosí, México. Actualmente curso mi segundo año de doctorado en Literatura. Mi área de interés es la autoficción, la teoría de los mundos posibles y las escritoras latinoamericanas. Considero que Western es una excelente opción, ya que cuenta con muchos recursos que abonan a tu educación. Además, la gente es muy amigable y siempre está dispuesta a ayudar. 


Nandita Dutta
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

Nandita is a fourth year PhD candidate in Hispanic Studies and Popular Culture. They received their Bachelors and Masters degrees in Hispanic Studies, as well as the Junior Research Fellowship, at the University of Delhi, India. Nandita has been an instructor for Beginners Spanish, assisted in Digital Humanities courses and is also a Research Assistant at the CulturePlex Lab. Her research deals with mapping a networked fictional narrative through the adaptations that fictional works undergo across cultures and media.

Diana Maria Fernandez
Hispanic Studies PhD 2

Diana Fernandez is a second year PhD student in the Hispanic Studies program from Colombia. Diana is interested in Sociolinguistics and, specifically, linguistic variation within the Hispanic world and linguistic accommodation of speakers of Spanish in dialect contact situations. They love studying at Western because of the supportive environment and encouragement from the faculty.

Goljahi_profileEDIT.jpgHourasa Taghi Goljahi      
Hispanic Studies MA

Hourasa Taghi Goljahi is a pursuing a Master of Arts in Hispanic Studies. Coming from Iran, they completed a BA in Spanish Language at University of Tehran.

Grace Gomashie
Hispanic Studies PhD 1

Grace Gomashie is a first year Ph.D. student in Hispanic Studies. Coming to London from Ghana, they completed a B.A. (French and Spanish) and M.A. (Spanish) at the University of Ghana, Legon. Grace has also attended both the University of Guelph and the Universidad de Carlos Rafael Rodrigues, Cienfuegos in Cuba as a visiting student. They are interested in studying the links between second language acquisition, creoles and pidgins, and endangered languages.


Cenaida Gomez
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

Cenaida Gómez is a fourth year PhD candidate in Hispanic Studies. She completed her undergraduate and Master's degrees in Education at the University Externado of Colombia. Her research interests include discourse analysis, semantics and second language acquisition.


Ayelet Ishai
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

Ayelet Ishai is a fourth year PhD student from London whose research is related to female characters in Latin American biographic novels.


Aikaterini Kodopulos
Hispanic Studies MA 2

kouakou_gradEDIT.jpgSebastien Aka Kouakou
Hispanic Studies PhD 2

Sebastien Aka Kouakou is a second year PhD candidate from Cote d'Ivoire/Ghana. Their area of research includes Literation, Migration and Ethnic Relations.

Yadira Lizama-Muélizama_mue_gradEDIT.jpg
Hispanic Studies

Yadira Lizama-Mué’s is interested in Digital Humanities and completed a Bachelor of Computer Engineering before beginning their graduate degree in Hispanic Studies. The CulturePlex Lab was a big draw for Yadira to come to Western, as well being part of one of the most prestigious research labs in Digital Humanities around the world. You can find Yadira on Twitter @YadiraLizamaMue



MachadoVanina Machado
Hispanic Studies MA 2

Vanina Machado is a Uruguayan and Canadian MA student in Hispanic Studies. She has completed a Bachelor Degree in Linguistics and an Associate Degree in Proofreading of Spanish at the Universidad de la República in Montevideo. Their research interests include sociolinguistics, semantics and lexicography. with the goal of better understaning the contact between Spanish and English in Canada. She has worked with English borrowings in Uruguayan Spanish, Guarani borrowings in old spanish dictionaries of the River Plate (Rio de la Plata), and observation of digital literacy events and practices.

Marithza Andagoya Maita
Hispanic Studies MA 2


Witton Becerra Mayorga
Hispanic Studies PhD 3

Witton Mayorga is a third year PhD student, who also holds a BA in Philosophy and Literature from Universidad Santo Tomás-Colombia and an MA in Hispano American Literature from Instituto Caro y Cuervo-Colombia. Their research interests include Latino American and Colombian Literature (especially 20th Century), Digital Humanities, and Music and Literature. Witton investigates the Latino American Boom of literature through the Digital Humanities with the goal of understanding its development across the big data.


Meredith Mcgregor
Hispanic Studies PhD 3

Meredith Mcgregor is a third year PhD candidate in Hispanic Studies, whose research includes second language acquisition and sociolinguistics, with a special interest in language study abroad. They have taught both Spanish and English as a second language, domestically and overseas, since 2004. 


Vivian Milliken
Hispanic Studies MA 2

Vivian Milliken is a Brazillian Canadian MA candidate in Hispanic Linguistics who holds a BA in Spanish from the University of Waterloo with a specialization in translation. Her interests include evolutionary linguistics, linguistic variation, and second language acquisition. "I chose Western because of the unique teaching opportunities offered through TAships, as well as the community of people whose research interests match my own. As a TA, I hope to excite my students and to contribute to the study of the Spanish language in Canada."

mohomed_gradEDIT.jpgRiham Hafez Mohamed
Hispanic Studies MA 1

Riham Hafez Mohamed is a first year MA student in Hispanic Linguistics. Riham comes to London from Egypt, where they completed their undergraduate degree in Spanish and a master’s in Linguistics from Ain-Shams University. Their research interests include syntax, second language acquisition and Sociolinguistics. Riham is excited to study Hispanic Linguistics at Western because of the Department’s wide range of seminars, research projects and significant hands-on teaching experiences.


Rafael Monroig
Hispanic Studies MA 1

Rafael Monroig is an incoming MA candidate in Hispanic Studies from Mallorca, Spain.


Spencer Moyes
Hispanic Studies PhD 1

Spencer Moyes is a first year PhD student studying Medieval Iberian History and 20th Century Latin American Culture. Spencer cites the diversity of the program as one of its top strengths, as well as the support of the administration and faculty.



Marcela Otalora
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

Marcela Otalora received her Master's Degree in Hispanic Studies from the University of Western Ontario. As a PhD candidate her research insterests include sociolinguistics, Spanish variation, varieties of Spanish language globally, and the teaching of Spanish as a second language.

Cindy Paredes
Hispanic Studies MA 1

Cindy Paredes is a first year Master’s student in Hispanic Studies with an interest in studying Spanish literature and culture. Cindy holds a BA in Spanish language and Hispanic Culture and Health Sciences from Western University and has aspirations of becoming a translator.  “I chose Western to pursue my Master's degree because I had fantastic experience during my undergrad... The best part of this program is the unique teaching opportunities it offers through the TAship.”


Esperanza Ruiz-Pena
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

Esperanza Ruiz-Peña's research focus is on phonetics and phonology. She also has a background in Childhood Education, Special Education, expression techniques and in psychomotor and psychomotor rehabilitation. 

perry_gradEDIT.jpgScott James Perry 
Hispanic Studies

Scott James Perry completed his undergraduate degree in Hispanic Linguistics at Western in 2016, and returned to Western for graduate studies. He is now researching the L2 acquisition of speech and the effects of musical training on language acquisition. “I believe the best part of our graduate program is the focus on teaching. We have the opportunity to act as instructors and design our own courses instead of writing comprehensive exams.”

Hispanic Studies MA 1

Quyao is a first year MA student from Zhengzhou, China, who is interested in language and linguistics. Qiyao is excited to study at Western and participate in a TAship, developing their leadership skills.

Sierra_RiosElkin Sierra Rios
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

Elkin Sierrais in a fourth year PhD student in Hispanic Studies.

segarra_gradEDIT.jpgAna Ruiz Segarra
Hispanic Studies MA 2

Ana Ruiz Segarra is a second year Master’s Student in Hispanic Literature. Originally from Ecuador, they completed a bachelor degree in Computer Graphics Engineering at Universidad Central del Ecuador, and they are currently researching topics related to Digital Humanities, especially online video game culture.




Javier Sepulveda
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

Javier Sepulveda is a fourth year PhD student in the Hispanic Studies program. He also holds a BA in Commuication Studies, and a Masters in Educational Technology at Azusa Pacific University, California. His research interests are discourse analysis, indigenous literature, journalism, and literature of exile in South America.


Adriana Soto-Corominas
Hispanic Studies PhD 3

Adriana Soto-Corominas is a 3rd year PhD student in Hispanic Linguistics. She graduated from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in English Philology and received her specialization in Linguistics from UCLA. Her research focuses on simultaneous and successive bilingual acquisition of morphosyntax, and pedagogy. She has been part of the CulturePlex Lab since early 2015. 

Veronica Stoiber
Hispanic Studies MA 1

Veronica Stoiber is a first year Master’s student in Literature and Culture. Veronica was drawn to the program at Western because of opportunities to collaborate with the CulturePlex and the Digital Humanities Lab, and the connections the program offers in the Literature Stream with many other programs, such as Film, History, Music, and Visual Arts.

Natasha Anne Swiderski
Hispanic Studies MA 1

Natasha Anne Swiderski is a first year Master’s student in Linguistics.

Celina Renee Valdivia
Hispanic Studies MA 1

Celina Renee Valdivia is a first year student pursuing a Master of Arts in Hispanic Studies. Their research interests include Linguistics with a focus on second language acquisition.


MaryCarmen Vera
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

Marycarmen Vera is a fourth year PhD student in Hispanic Studies whose research interests include Medieval Literature and its relation to modern culture. You can find Marycarmen on Twitter @mcveral

MorenoItziri Moreno Villamar
Hispanic Studies PhD 4

Itziri Moreno Villamar is a fourth year PhD student in Hispanic Linguistics. She completed her B.A. from the University of Oregon with a double major in Linguistics and Spanish literature. Her heritage is Mexican, but she was born in London, On, and raised in both Eugene, Oregon and Mexico City. She also completed a MA in Hispanic Linguistics from Western and her research interests include experimental linguistics, second and third language acquisition, heritage languages, comparative romance, and linguistic contact with an emphasis in Amerindian languages.

WardOwen Ward
Hispanic Studies MA 2

Owen Ward is a second year MA student in Hispanic Studies focused on Linguistics.  He holds a BA in Spanish with a specialization in Spanish/English translation from Waterloo.


Sergio Zapata
Hispanic Studies MA 2

Sergio Zapata is a second year student pursuing a Master of Arts in Hispanic Studies. From Colombia, their research interests include Hispanic literature and poetry, and they were drawn to the program at Western because of the faculty and the unique teaching opportunities offered through TAships.