PhD Coursework

Hispanic Studies PhD Requirements

1. Course Work

The normal course requirement is six half-courses. However, based on the student's background and previous graduate work, the Graduate Committee reserves the right to specify the exact number of courses required in each individual case.


For students entering the Ph.D. from a program outside of Western’s M.A. in Hispanic Studies, two of these courses will be the Seminar on Transatlantic Studies and the Seminar on Information Systems and Research Methods (these courses are currently alternated and offered every other year). Students normally complete course work in Year 1, Terms 1 and 2.


A typical course-schedule for the Ph.D. will look like this:


Year in Program:

Ph.D. 1

Term 1 (Fall)

Term 2 (Winter)

Term 3 (Summer)


Transatlantic Studies Seminar.



Course 2.


Course 3.

Transatlantic Studies Seminar continued (Course 1).


Course 4.


Course 5.



Year in Program:

Ph.D. 2

Term 4 (Fall)

Term 5 (Winter)

Term 6 (Summer)


Research Methods and Information Systems Seminar.



Research Methods and Information Systems Seminar continued (Course 6).



Note that:

a) Students will take the majority of their courses in their designated field (Linguistics or Literature and Culture). In special cases, and with the approval of the Graduate Committee, M.A. courses may be counted towards the field requirement, but not towards the total number of courses required for the Ph.D.

b) All students must choose their courses in consultation with the Graduate Chair, who approves all selections. As a general rule, students may not take more than one or two courses outside of the department.

c) The program strongly recommends that students specializing in literature and culture take a course on theory.

d) Students who have already fulfilled the required Seminar on Transatlantic Studies are still expected to attend the talks given in the seminar during their years in the program.