Financial Information

Comparative Literature Graduate Student Funding: 

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers generous financial assistance to qualified graduate students. Normally, each Master's student in Comparative Literature is offered a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (in 2017-18 worth $12,699.23 for the 8-month academic year) and a Western Graduate Research Scholarship ($4,550.77 for MA Domestic students,; $14,350.77 for International MA students to offset the higher international tuition fees) in each year of the two-year program). Eligible students in the PhD program are guaranteed a minimum financial package (from all sources) of $12,000 plus tuition for each of four years. This package is normally composed of a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (as above) and a Western Graduate Research Scholarship ($10,050.77 for Canadian PhD students, $20,550.77 for International PhD students). All amounts quoted are for 2017-18.

Graduate Teaching Assistants work on average 10 hours per week or about 140 hours per term. Duties will vary according to a students particular assignment in one of the Department's broad range of literature, culture, and foreign-language courses.

Eligible graduate students in Comparative Literature have a strong record of success in prestigious external award competitions, which provide for a higher level of scholarship support. Our students have for instance held awards under the Canada Graduate Scholarship Program (CGS Masters and Doctoral), the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship Program, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program, and the Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS) Program. Links to full information on scholarships and bursaries available to graduate students at Western can be found on the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website. All of these awards, subject to certain conditions, may be held in conjunction with a GraduateTeaching Assistantship.

Fees are paid in three installments in the fall, winter, and summer terms. For more information on fees, please consult the the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Research/Travel Funding:

Graduate students in Comparative Literature are eligible to apply for a number of competitive awards to support research-related expenses. The usual uses for such funds include a) visiting archives and libraries to conduct research, or b) attending an academic conference to present the results of ones research. In either case the research in question must be directly related to ones thesis project. Departmental deadlines and application processes are announced by e-mail for each of these competitions to all graduate students in Comparative Literature.

These awards include:

  • Graduate Thesis Research Fund
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities Alumni Graduate Awards
  • Mary Routledge Fellowships
  • Lynne-Lionel Scott Fellowship in Canadian Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities