Why Applied Science

A step towards a management career in applied sciences

Today’s competitive job market demands specific skill sets for applied scientists. Over the course of 12 months, you will develop these skills and collaborate with students and industry partners to develop your industry-specific skillset.

At the end of your last term, you will be able to confidently: 

  • Interpret scientific data and assess and constructively critique data analyses reported in literature and the media, identifying both the accuracies and shortcomings of these analyses. 
  • Plan projects including establishing feasibility, scheduling tasks and managing the steps needed to bring a project to successful completion. 
  • Independently carry out applied research and to solve practical problems and display good scientific and managerial judgement.

What we look for

Engagement is key to your success in the Applied Science specialization. This stream is collaborative and requires students to interact with the material and each other with respect and comradery. Admission into this stream is competitive and is offered to students with a proven track-record of academic, personal and professional achievements and an interest working in the applied sciences.

Key learning outcomes 

Students graduating from the program are expected to be able to: 

  • Apply discipline-specific scientific knowledge in an applied setting
  • Understand the core concepts of organizational behaviour and leadership
  • Communicate professionally both orally and in writing for a variety of audiences internal and external to an organization
  • Engage in applied research including assessing feasibility and managing projects
  • Interpret scientific data and critically evaluate research evidence
  • Demonstrate ethical leadership and good scientific judgment
  • Apply the foundations of finance and accounting, marketing and project management, and apply these professional skills