The last decade has seen a tremendous growth of technology-based and -dependent sectors and with the advent of globalization, the scope of markets has broadened substantially. The business cycle, from research and development to commercialization is faster than ever before. All these combined means that competition for high-paying and technically advanced jobs has soared requiring new graduates to distinguish themselves from the widening cohort of highly qualified personnel to land the job of their choice.

Adding to this challenge, employers expect new hires to be able to focus on the work they ultimately need to do - immediately, rather than on acquiring the basic “soft” skills associated with work in the corporate or governmental sectors. Prominent on this list includes a professional level of oral and written communications, project management, teamwork and conflict resolution, negotiation and strategic problem-solving.

Our Masters of Management of Applied Science (MMASc) program is designed to help students, just like you, with a science-related Honours undergraduate degree to bridge the gap between your science education and the business and communications skills required to succeed in the private and public sectors, with non-governmental organizations, consulting, or as entrepreneurs starting science-based companies of their own.

Without a doubt, the MMASc program is an essential step towards your future career. Our faculty and staff look forward to helping you build skills vital to the 21-century workforce, land a valuable experiential learning opportunity and launch onto a successful career path.