Former Lab Members

Heather McIlveen, Master's Student

Heather is a Master's student in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fitness and Exercise Prescription) from Western University in 2016. Her research interests focus on dementia and formal caregiving. Heather will be investigating the impact of person-centred communication training on staff empowerment and the positive benefits of this staff empowerment on Personal Support Workers within the Be EPIC project.


Joelle Donato, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Joelle is pursuing an Honours Specialization in Health Sciences at Western University. She is interested in research focusing on older adults. Specifically, her work examines the social history of older adults living with dementia.


Hejany Jeyakumar, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Hejany is a fourth year undergraduate student completing her Bachelor of Health Science with a minor in psychology. She was responsible for assisting in examining language strategies and person-centred care for the Be EPIC project. Her previous experience involves children, youth, and developmental disorders. She grew a passion for the geriatric population after exposure to caregiving interventions and research in the CaRe Lab. Her current research interests include both formal and informal caregiving in relation to communication. She hopes to continue working in an applied research setting, especially in a rehabilitation setting working with marginalized populations. 


Catherine Goncalves, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Catherine Goncalves is pursuing a dual degree at Western University with an Honours Specialization in Health Sciences and Honours Business Administration at the Ivey School of Business. Her previous research experience at the University of Toronto, and courses at Western have fostered an interest in working with and supporting older adults. Catherine is delighted to be working with such a passionate team, and wishes to pursue research involving the enhancement of person-centered communication for clients with dementia.