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Health Research Network

The Population & Community Health Unit felt it was important to establish a network of health researchers from different disciplines. In 1994, we developed a multidisciplinary network of researchers in Southwestern Ontario engaged in health research. It is an electronic mail distribution list for health researchers for information dissemination, requests and discussion. An electronic directory of health researchers is distributed to members which includes each members' research interests and methodological skills. Membership is available through this online email registration form.

The purpose of the Consortium for Applied Research and Evaluation in Mental Health (CAREMH) Newsletter is to paint a comprehensive picture of psychiatric de-institutionalization using primarily Southwestern Ontario as a "natural laboratory". This research program embraces a multi-disciplinary approach and includes the areas and disciplines of correctional services, economics, epidemiology, family medicine, law, nursing, police services, political science, psychology, psychiatry and social work. It includes research, service providers, administrators, and policy planners.

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