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Why a Multidisciplinary Network?

Health research is exceedingly broad and transcends disciplinary boundaries. Thus, it is a challenge for many health researchers to establish teams of collaborators. Yet, trans-disciplinary research teams are encouraged by funding agencies. The ability to develop a critical mass of researchers to address various health research questions is key to remaining competitive for research funds. Moreover, the dissemination of research findings to inform health policies, programs and services is becoming increasingly important.

For these reasons The Population & Community Health Unit felt it was important to establish a network of health researchers from different disciplines. In 1994, we developed a multidisciplinary network of researchers in Southwestern Ontario engaged in health research. To date close to 100 researchers from the area have joined and in fact, researchers who have left the area have asked to remain part of the network.


  • Enhance interaction among researchers in different disciplines but working in similar areas;
  • Facilitate the sharing of information on grants and funding opportunities;
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration for programmatic grants, which many funding agencies are encouraging;
  • Provide opportunities for applied research venues;
  • Develop a dissemination system of relevant research to policy-makers.
  • Specifics

  • An electronic mail distribution list for health researchers for information, dissemination, requests and discussion
  • An electronic directory of health researchers including their research interests and methodological skills
  • Results

  • This list-serve directory has allowed members to send requests for collaborators through: healthresnet@uwo.ca. It has provided an opportunity to send notices on RFPs in health research, disseminate relevant conferences notices, and news. It has provided a forum for member inquiries and advice. It has let to successful grant applications and research proposals.
  • We do not bombard you with information. We carefully screen for information directly relevant to your work, such as the latest request for proposals, opportunities for collaboration etc.

    Original Steering Committee Members included:

    W. Avision, Centre for Health and Well Being, UWO
    J. Bishop, London Psychiatric Hospital
    A. Blomqvist, Economics, UWO
    B. Hennen, Family Medicine, UWO
    H. Laschinger, Nursing, UWO
    P. McGrath, Child Health Research Institute, Paediatrics
    J. Sarkella, The Population & Community Health Unit, UWO
    L. Swartzman, Psychology, UWO
    E. Vingilis, The Population & COmmunity Health Unit, UWO

    Membership Registration Form

    If You would like to be a part of this informal network, please fill out the questions below and submit it. Or, you can view the form to print, then return it to our unit at the address below, either by fax or mail. If you know of other individuals who may be interested in joining, please distribute. Once a member, you will be sent a Health Research directory of members. Please fill out the following form completely for this membership directory.

    Street Address:
    Postal Code:
    Telephone: ( Extension: 
    Fax: (
    Methodologies/Statistical Skills and Expertise:
    To unsubscribe or if you are experiencing problems subscribing please email pchu@uwo.ca

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