Schulich school of Medicine and Dentistry Prenatal Health Project

Graduate Student Theses

Loney, Elizabeth (2004) "Postpartum health services consumption and information resource use by mothers and their infants: A pilot study"

Fowler, Jennifer (2004) "Dietary intake during early pregnancy among Canadian women" 

Anderson, Laura (2006) "Do maternal anxiety and depressive symptoms predict health care use and met/unmet needs in post-partum families" 

Switzer, Lauren (2007) "Maternal depression and breastfeeding: Impact on infant development"

Sontrop, Jessica (2007) "Prenatal and postnatal depressive symptoms in relation to fish consumption and intake of omega 3 fatty acids" 

Cartier, Shannon (2007) "Causal pathways for small for gestational age birth"

Roy, Amrita (2008) "Nutrition and stress as causes of prenatal depressive symptoms" 

Graves, Erin (2009) "The effects of obesity, gestational diabetes, and diet on excess fetal growth" 

Sharpe, Krisitine (2009) "The impact of infant admission to specialized care on the trajectories of maternal deprssive symptoms" 

Yama, Brie (2009) "Screening for autism spectrum disorders: The identification of a subgroup appropriate for screening with the modified checklist for autism in toddlers (M-CHAT)" 

Yuan, Su (2009) "Maternal marital status and children's health services use" 

Akiki, Salwa (2011) "Feelings towards the pregnancy and maternal prenatal state anxiety" 

Nash, Danielle (2011) "Individual and built environmental influences on prenatal dietary quality" 

MacDonald, Erin (2012) "Population-based placental weight ratio distributions and determinants of placental weight ratios"