Earth Day Colloquium

April 11-12, 2013

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations are split into two formats, 15 minute talks and 5 minute speed talks. Please plan your oral accordingly.

15 minute Oral Presentation Guidelines
5 minute Oral Presentation Guidelines

This is your opportunity to practice communicating your research clearly and succinctly. We will be strict on timing. The audience will have the chance to ask the presenters questions at the end of the session during a group question period.

Presentations should be in PowerPoint
(.ppt, .pptx, .pps) format and optimized to run on Windows. Please bring your presentations on a flash drive (USB memory key) and be prepared
to load it onto the provide PC 15 minutes before your session begins. Save the file name for your
talk as your last name and first initial (e.g. Suzuki_D.ppt)

The audience should be considered ‘lay’. As this Colloquium is interdisciplinary in nature, most of the attendees will have little familiarity with the subject matter you are presenting.

Leave the audience with a take home message on how your research is contributing to Environment and Sustainability.


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